Audio Post

Title Medium Date
A Hotel Becomes a Magical Musical Instrument in This Playful TV Ad Video Oct 13, 2014
Graphic Ad for Save the Children Features Real Life Birth Footage Video Feb 24, 2014
The Power of a Vacation Transforms An Ogre in U.K. Ad Video Jan 06, 2014
Ikea: Playin' With My Friends Making Of Video Oct 24, 2012
Ikea UK: Playing With My Friends Video Oct 19, 2012
Carling: Rescue Video May 09, 2008
Orange: Macaulay Culkin Video Nov 01, 2007

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
A Busker and His Dog Seek New Pastures in This Touching Animated Pet Food Ad Video Mar 10, 2017

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
McDonald's U.K. Invites Brits to Take Part in Holiday Karaoke Video Nov 19, 2015
A Child Writes to Santa in This Weepie Vodafone Ireland Spot -- So What Did She Ask for? Video Nov 16, 2015
Waitrose's Delectable Holiday Spot Will Make Your Mouth Water Video Nov 04, 2015
Life's Just Not Fair for This Little Boy...Except at McDonald's Video Jul 24, 2015
Amazing Breakdancing Kid Stars in Persil's Latest 'Dirt Is Good' Spot Video Jul 20, 2015
Strangely Beautiful: Watch Bubbles Freeze in High Def in This Spot for Sony's 4K TVs Video Oct 24, 2014
T-Mobile: Angry Birds Live Print (image) Jun 13, 2011
Coca-Cola: Avatar Video Jan 31, 2009
Orange: Mena Suvari Video May 04, 2007

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Paddy Power: Chav Tranquiliser Video Mar 07, 2012

Audio/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Ikea: Make Room in Your Life Video Jan 17, 2013

Mix Company

Title Medium Date
Nature Is Rendered in Intricate Detail in This Mesmerizing Honda Spot Video May 07, 2015


Title Medium Date
Weetabix: Fuel for Big Days Video Jul 19, 2011

Sound + Mix Company

Title Medium Date
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014
Somersby Cider Hijacks Apple's World in New Ad Video Mar 26, 2013
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Hot Tub Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos Puts a Stop to the Dad Curse Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Technology Video Mar 19, 2013
Doritos: Dip Desperado Video Jul 05, 2011
Movistar: Rooster Video Jun 11, 2010
Stella Artois: Christmas Film Video Dec 04, 2008

Sound Design/Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Diet Coke: Back Lot Video Feb 23, 2007

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Boots Gives Real-Life Working Women Festive Makeovers in Holiday Spot Video Nov 09, 2016
Nursery Rhyme Characters Sing and Rhyme Terribly in U.K. PSA About Baby CPR Video Jan 20, 2016
Cuteness Gets Out of Hand in This Mentos Ad Video Feb 27, 2015
You Can Look Sober and Be Drunk at the Same Time, Says PSA from U.K. Department of Transport Video Dec 20, 2013
Waitrose Concentrates On Charity In Christmas Campaign Video Nov 04, 2013
Live Life Then Give Life: Let Love Live On Video Feb 14, 2013
Yorkie: Shopping Bags Video Jun 06, 2012
Aero: Bubbles Video Mar 02, 2009
HSBC: Box Video Jun 07, 2007

Sound House

Title Medium Date
Agent Provocateur: Fleurs Du Mal Video Oct 24, 2011

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
Stoli: Airship Video Aug 19, 2008

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
A Robot Learns to Fly in Ikea's Fantasy-Filled Adventure Video Nov 06, 2015
Immerse Yourself in the Fascinating History of Clarks' Shoes Interactive (image) Aug 21, 2015