Title Medium Date
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Debuts His Sportswear Brand A-Z With a Punchy Motivational Film Video Jun 10, 2016

Digital Production

Title Medium Date
Walkers Tests New Flavors Via Tweet-Powered Vending Machines in London Interactive (image) Aug 29, 2014

Digital Production Company

Title Medium Date
Adidas Y-3: S/S 2013 Interactive Live Stream Experience Interactive (image) Feb 08, 2013

Film Production

Title Medium Date
You Won't See the Twist Coming in This Sad Toyota Ad Video Jul 15, 2016
Can You Make it Through a Ride with Sebastian Vettel Without Screaming? Interactive (image) Sep 23, 2013

Film Production Company

Title Medium Date
Your Cat Can Speak 'Human' With Temptations' Talking Collar Interactive (image) Apr 28, 2016

Interactive Creative Direction

Title Medium Date
Adidas & Yohji Yamamoto's Y-3 Campaign Makes You A Digital Video Mixmaster Interactive (image) Apr 30, 2013


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Title Medium Date
Ikea's Lyrical Catalog Spot Captures the Highs and the Lows of Modern Living Video Aug 30, 2017

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Ikea tried to make chocolate lovers drool over its furniture Video Aug 21, 2018

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Scandinavian Airlines: Weekend Break Interactive (image) Apr 12, 2012
Ikea: All You Need to Celebrate Video Nov 23, 2011
Adidas: The Face of the Marathon Interactive (image) Sep 30, 2011

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Rival Egg Hunters Discover the Joy of Teamwork in Milka's Easter Spot Video Mar 16, 2017
Chevy Teams With IBM's Watson to Give 'Positive' People Free Gas Video Sep 14, 2016
Ikea's Funny Ad Imagines a 17th-Century Version of Instagramming Food Video Aug 01, 2016
Samsung Uses VR to Motivate the U.K.'s 'Worst Soccer Team' Interactive (image) Jun 03, 2016
Com Hem: Astronaut Video May 30, 2016
Your Cat Can Speak 'Human' With Temptations' Talking Collar Interactive (image) Apr 28, 2016
The Successor to Cadbury's Iconic Milk Tray Man Could Be a Woman Video Oct 09, 2015
Naked Arnold Schwarzenegger Reprises His Terminator Role for WWE 2K16 Video Jul 28, 2015
ST1: I'd Do Anything for Love, But... Video May 27, 2015
Swedish Musicians Play Mozart at Five Remote Locations in a Live Concert to Promote Telia Interactive (image) May 21, 2015
Green Party Wants Boy Band to 'Change the Tune' in U.K. Elections Video Apr 09, 2015
Pack a Suitcase and Get Out of Town With Virgin Atlantic's Personalized Campaign Interactive (image) Feb 27, 2015
Make Music With Your Stripey Clothing Using Gap's Interactive Holiday Website Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2014
Watch The Full Length Version Of Evian's Spidey And His Mini-Me Video Apr 02, 2014
New Evian Baby Ad To Feature Baby Spider-Man Video Mar 24, 2014
The Economist Launches Mandela Microsite With Moving Interactive Film Interactive (image) Dec 09, 2013
Discounter LIDL Becomes Gourmet Dill In Restaurant Stunt Print (image) Nov 18, 2013
Target Launches its own 'Real World' at Bullseye University Interactive (image) Jul 15, 2013
Sleep with your iPhone to create personal art Interactive (image) Mar 12, 2013
McDonald's: Track My Macca's Interactive (image) Jan 21, 2013
Ibis: Sleep Art Making Of Video Interactive (image) Oct 09, 2012
Ibis: Sleep Art Interactive (image) Oct 01, 2012
Ikea: Uppleva Video Apr 20, 2012
Columbia Sportswear: Another Day at the Office Video Nov 04, 2011
Columbia Sportswear: Unplugged Video Nov 04, 2011
Columbia Sportswear: Meet Wim Hof Video Nov 04, 2011
Comviq: Ringback Tones Interactive (image) May 03, 2011
Intel: Visual Life - The Sartorialist Video Jan 10, 2011
Mazda: Speed Packing Print (image) Nov 24, 2010
Swedish Armed Forces: Test Soldier/Sailor Interactive (image) Nov 12, 2010
SEAT: SEAT Ecomotive - The Test Video May 10, 2010
Saab: Change Perspective Interactive (image) Aug 27, 2009
Swedish Airport Coaches: 50 Cars or 1 Coach Video Apr 29, 2009
Garmin: One for All Video Dec 08, 2008
Garmin: Coffee Shop Video Dec 08, 2008
Tele2: Swat Video Aug 21, 2008
Tele2: Call Me Video Apr 28, 2008