Adam Scott


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Coke Plugs Diversity, and Soda, in a Poetic Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Coca-Cola: Super Bowl 2018 - The Wonder of Us - print ad Print (image) Feb 01, 2018
Roger Federer Inspires Future Tennis Stars in a Stylish Campaign for Wilson Rackets Video Jul 27, 2016

Color Artist

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iPhone: Thumb Video Sep 24, 2012
iPhone: Ears Video Sep 24, 2012
iPhone: Physics Video Sep 24, 2012
iPhone: Cheese Video Sep 24, 2012


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A Zombie, Robot, Soccer Pro and Spock Star in Microsoft's First Spot for the Xbox One Video Oct 25, 2013
A Zombie, Robot, Soccer Pro and Spock Star in Microsoft's First Spot for the Xbox One Video Oct 25, 2013


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Nike has an empowering message for Mexican women Video Aug 31, 2018
Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods push young athletes to break all the rules Video Jul 13, 2018
Old Spice Debuts An Ad in French During the Grammys--But What Does it Mean? Video Jan 28, 2018
Gus Van Sant Brought Facebook 'Hopes' to the Golden Globes Video Jan 08, 2018
Pick of the Day: A Creative Young Woman Brightens a Girl's Day With a Magical Surprise, Courtesy of HP Video Nov 06, 2017
Nike Silences Kevin Durant's Critics in Ad Celebrating Golden State Warriors' NBA Finals Win Video Jun 13, 2017
An 86-Year-Old Nun and Ironman Competitor Is Nike's Latest Star Athlete Video Aug 15, 2016
Transgender Athlete Chris Mosier Stars in Nike's Latest 'Unlimited' Ad Video Aug 08, 2016
Nike Gives Babies a Locker Room Pep Talk in Ad Starring Bobby Cannavale Video Jul 25, 2016
Jane Lynch and Bobby Lee Get Steamy on the Way to Jordan and Chelsea's Wedding Video Jun 16, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 10 Interactive/Integrated -- Expedia Takes Sick Children on Thrilling Real-Time Adventures -- Without Leaving the Hospital Video Mar 21, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls Video Mar 11, 2016
Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Star in Samsung's Latest Ads Video Mar 11, 2016
Samsung: Gear VR: Elephant Video Mar 11, 2016
Anna Kendrick Is a Wannabe Jedi in Ad for EA's 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Video Nov 09, 2015
Tiny Soldiers Rally Around the Globe in Impressive Ads for 'Game of War' Video Sep 14, 2015
'Game of War' Takes Your Surreptitious Office Gaming Battle Epic Video Sep 14, 2015
Blake Griffin Takes on Marvin the Martian for Jordan, Sparking Rumors of Space Jam Sequel Video Aug 05, 2015
A Mother Rediscovers Her Lost Creativity in Poignant Spot for HP's Sprout Video Jul 21, 2015
Expedia: No Excuses Video Jan 14, 2015
Adorable Mop Dog Stars in Dr Pepper's Newest Ad Video Jan 13, 2015
Kevin Hart and Dave Franco Star in the Most Over the Top Madden Promo Ever Video Aug 18, 2014
EA Imagines Life With Your Very Own Titan In Launch Spot For Titanfall Video Mar 10, 2014
Playstation Plus' New Advert is for Gamers Who Have Friends Video Feb 24, 2014
ScarJo Hawks SodaStream, Sexily, in Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 27, 2014
Sony Brings Art And Engineering Together For Golden Globes Spot Video Jan 13, 2014
What Happens In Vegas Gets Really Epic In Call Of Duty's New 'Ghosts' Trailer Starring Megan Fox Video Nov 04, 2013
Samsung Gear: A Long Time Coming Video Oct 07, 2013
D-Rose Doesn't Care About the Money or the Fame in New Adidas Basketball Spot Video Oct 02, 2013
Racetrack Becomes Zoetrope in New Campaign for Forza Motorsport 5 Video Sep 26, 2013
Gatorade is Forrest Gump of Sports Drinks in Latest Spot Video Mar 11, 2013
Volkswagen: Laugh Video Mar 01, 2013
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013
Madden NFL: Paul Rudd & Ray Lewis Interview Video Aug 21, 2012
Gatorade: Keep Her In the Game Video Jun 26, 2012
Mitsubishi: Temp Drive Teaser Video Apr 17, 2012
P&G/Olympics: Best Job -- Best of 2012 TV #2 Video Apr 17, 2012
EA Mass Effect 3: Fight Video Feb 26, 2012
Boost Mobile: Bill from Hell Video Feb 14, 2012
Old Spice: Charmin Video Feb 02, 2012
Old Spice: Bounce Video Feb 02, 2012 Neck -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Old Navy: The Perfect Pufferizer Video Nov 04, 2011
Sony Playstation: Long Live Play Video Oct 12, 2011
Adidas: The Bull Video Sep 29, 2011
AT&T: Birthday Video Apr 08, 2010
Cadillac: Reignition Video Sep 02, 2009
Gucci: Flora Video Apr 17, 2009
HSBC: Box Video Jun 07, 2007


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The Kids in This VW Ad Dream of Cars That Aren't VWs Video Jan 04, 2018

Lead Flame Artist

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Lurpak: Pie Video Jan 11, 2010


Title Medium Date
Subaru: Take the Subaru Video Aug 30, 2016
This Subaru Ad Dramatizes the Moment Every Parent of a Teen Driver Dreads Video Aug 30, 2016
Heineken's "Legends" Campaign Takes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix Video May 26, 2011
Heineken: The Date - The Making Of... Video May 26, 2011

Telecine Artist

Title Medium Date
Honda: Matthew's Day Off -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012
Volkswagen: Black Beetle Video Feb 02, 2011