Adam Scott


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Peyton Manning Might Cry Over His Own Words in Gatorade's Powerful Tribute Ad Video Apr 28, 2016


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After her shift at the museum, Venus de Milo stuffs her face with Wonderful Pistachios Video May 07, 2018
Black Forest just made a hilarious, suggestive ad for....gummies? Video Apr 26, 2018
People Defy the Word 'Can't' in Samsung's Latest Global Spot Video Feb 20, 2018
An Immigrant Great-Grandmother's Education Pays Off Over Generations in Heart-Tugger From University of Phoenix Video Aug 08, 2017
Google/Squarespace: LocoL Video Oct 03, 2016
Squarespace and Google Team Up to Highlight Small Businesses With a Mission Video Oct 03, 2016
Google/Squarespace: Girlboss Video Oct 03, 2016
Thomas Jane Plays the 'World's Biggest Asshole' in This Very Surprising Film Video Aug 04, 2016
Draymond Green Drops Into E-40's Music Video in Latest Spot From Beats Video May 31, 2016
University of Phoenix Touts the Pride of Its Students in New Campaign Video Feb 12, 2016
Marketing Wrecks a Space Mission in Another Hilarious Adobe Ad Video Sep 30, 2015
Adidas Knocks Soccer Heroes Off Their Pedestal in Debut Work From 72andSunny Video Aug 06, 2015
Gatorade Makes Sweat Look Incredible in a Tribute to Tenacity Video May 14, 2015
BMW's Oversharing Grandma Is a Back-Back-Seat Driver Video Mar 04, 2015
BMW: Moonroof Video Mar 04, 2015
BMW: Leather Video Mar 04, 2015
Lost Pet? No Problem. A Digital Native Locates His Iguana With the Help of HP Video Oct 07, 2014
Football Pros and Other Celebs Play in Nike's Spectacular World Cup Pick-Up Game Video Apr 25, 2014
TurboTax Somehow Connects Love, Sports, Prom to Tax Season in Super Bowl Commercial Video Jan 30, 2014
RPA's #HondaLove Campaign Creates Personalized Vines Interactive (image) Aug 08, 2013
PlayStation: Train Video Nov 07, 2012
PlayStation: The All-Star Video Oct 23, 2012
Adidas: Do What Light Does Video Jul 17, 2012
P&G: Kids Video Jul 11, 2012
Apple iPhone 4S: Joke Video May 24, 2012
Apple iPhone 4S: Life Video May 24, 2012
Volkswagen: Crash Video May 09, 2012
The Weather Channel: Your Interactive (image) May 02, 2012
Activision: Power of Revenge Video Apr 12, 2012
Nike: I Would Run To You Video Apr 05, 2012
Old Spice: Blown Mind Video Jan 12, 2012


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Head of Telecine

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Activision: Call of Duty Black Ops II Surprise Video Oct 29, 2012

Lead Telecine Artist

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Facebook: The Things That Connect Us Video Oct 04, 2012


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Heineken: The Voyage Video Jun 04, 2013
Adidas: The Spark Video May 27, 2009
Lurpak: Breakfast Video Feb 20, 2009
Nike: The Next Level Director's Cut Video Jan 19, 2009
Nike: The Next Level Video Apr 29, 2008
Nike: How I Fight Video Jul 05, 2007