Aidan Thomas


Title Medium Date
Sprint-Nextel: Crevasse Video Feb 09, 2006

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
This Ad for Home-Automation System Wemo Will (Improbably) Make You Go 'Aww' Video Oct 27, 2014
Levi's: News Story Video Jun 12, 2007
Levi's: News Story Video Jul 10, 2006

Lead Artist/Online Editor

Title Medium Date
Dodge: Dodge Journey YouTube Homepage Interactive (image) Sep 09, 2011
Dodge: Search Engine - How to Play Video Sep 09, 2011
Dodge: Search Engine Video Sep 09, 2011

Online Editor

Title Medium Date
Miller High Life: Girl on the Moon Video Sep 20, 2005

Smoke Artist

Title Medium Date
Levi's: Straight Walk Guy Video Aug 01, 2006
Levi's: Straight Walk Girl Video Aug 01, 2006

Support Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Domino's is helping to repair potholes so your pizza stays perfect Video Jun 11, 2018
EBay Paints Itself as Colorful Contrast to Amazon Video Jun 02, 2017

Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
Reebok: Aim Video Dec 06, 2005

Visual Effects Lead Artist

Title Medium Date
Martini: Beach Video Apr 25, 2006