Alison Hill

Agency Assistant Producer

Title Medium Date
ESPN: Presumed Innocent Video Jul 31, 2006

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date Fantasy Baseball Video Mar 11, 2009 Page 2 Video Mar 11, 2009

Broadcast Producer

Title Medium Date
ESPN: Choices Video Nov 30, 2007
ESPN: Captain America Video Nov 30, 2007
ESPN: Hero Video Nov 30, 2007
ESPN SportsCenter: Hip Hip Jorge Video Apr 16, 2007
ESPN SportsCenter: Betrayal Video Apr 16, 2007

Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
Southern Comfort: Comfortable Weather Guy Interactive (image) Jan 16, 2013

Content Producer

Title Medium Date
Lyft: Jam Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: Turn Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: The Game Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: Sunglasses Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: Phone Charger Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft Journeys to the Moon With Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele Video Oct 02, 2017

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
How bad batteries ruined a fantasy football fan's entire season Video Aug 08, 2018

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Getting locked out spells doggie disaster without a Duracell battery Video May 21, 2018
A Long Haul Flight Is Hellish Without Duracell Batteries for Your Headphones Video Feb 07, 2018
Lyft: What Are You Driving Towards Video Dec 04, 2017
What Could Be Scarier Than Your Kid's Favorite Toy Not Working? Duracell Knows Video Oct 27, 2017
Duracell Shows How Very Bad Things Can Happen -- When a Toy Battery Fails Video Aug 07, 2017
Don't Go Camping Without a Trusted Battery, Warns Duracell's Latest Spot Video May 16, 2017
Best of 2017 TV/Film--No. 5: Actor Michael K. Williams Questions His Many Selves in The Atlantic's Thought-Provoking Brand Campaign Video Feb 15, 2017
BDavid Fincher Brings Cryptic Storytelling to Gap's Fall Campaign Video Aug 27, 2014
: Kiss Video Aug 27, 2014
: Golf Video Aug 25, 2014
Best of 2014 #9 TV/Film: David Fincher Brings His Cryptic Storytelling to Gap's Fall Campaign Video Aug 25, 2014


Title Medium Date
Bud Light Tackles Another Hot-Button Issue: Transgender Rights Video Aug 15, 2016
Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Joins a Secret Training Ritual in Jordan's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Spot Tackles Gender Pay Equality Video Jun 27, 2016
Bud Light: Rainbow Billboard Print (image) Jun 01, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Ad Celebrates Gay Marriage -- With Backing From Ellen Video Jun 01, 2016
The 'Bud Light Party' Highlights Diversity in a Topical Oscars Spot Video Feb 29, 2016
See Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer in Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Lotion Up and Wear Spanx for Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 22, 2016
Make Music With Your Stripey Clothing Using Gap's Interactive Holiday Website Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2014
ESPN: Big Hands Video Jan 15, 2013
ESPN: Birds Video Jan 15, 2013
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Video Aug 01, 2012
ESPN: Watch ESPN Video May 24, 2012
Target: Color Changes Everything Video Feb 13, 2012
ESPN: Opening Day Video Mar 18, 2011
ESPN: A Short Time Ago Video Sep 10, 2010

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
A Sky-Diving Danny McBride Stars in Super Weird Music Video for Southern Comfort Video Nov 18, 2015