AnalogFolk, London


Title Medium Date
Knorr Is Serving You Personalized Recipes Based on Your Instagram Feed Interactive (image) Mar 16, 2018
Marmite: TasteFace Interactive (image) Sep 07, 2017
Sainsbury's Snapchat Karaoke Lens Lets You Sing Along With Its Christmas Ad Interactive (image) Dec 02, 2016 Loves Football With Thierry Henry Interactive (image) Jul 05, 2016
Sainsbury's Crowdsources Film of People Reading its Christmas 'Mog' Story Aloud Interactive (image) Nov 19, 2015
London Agency Analogfolk Turns its Front Door into a Mural of Election Tweets Print (image) May 07, 2015
This Milk Tastes So Good, You Might Go a Little Crazy Video Mar 03, 2015
What Happens When You Put Ice in a Wind Tunnel? Video Dec 02, 2014
No, It's Not a Banksy. These Street Murals Are Brought to You by a Paint Brand Print (image) Oct 21, 2014
Chivas Has Created a $1 Million Fund for 'Social Entrepreneurs' and You Could Get a Cut Video Oct 02, 2014
Sainsbury's Launches Kids' App to Entertain During Summer Vacation Interactive (image) Jul 29, 2014
Malibu To Launch Online Reality Show Based on Best Summer Experiences Interactive (image) Jun 17, 2014
Show Your Support for the Clippers on Social Media Interactive (image) Apr 30, 2014
Luksusowa Gives Tips on How To Be Manly Interactive (image) May 30, 2013
Dulux: Brit Awards tweet Interactive (image) Feb 21, 2013
Desperados: The Very Best Print (image) Sep 20, 2012
Rowse Honey: Thank You to the Bees Interactive (image) May 09, 2012
Casella Wines: The Perfect Lager Project Interactive (image) May 01, 2012