Anders Gustafsson


Title Medium Date
Telia: Facebook Our Song Interactive (image) Mar 25, 2009
Heinz: Talk to the Plant Interactive (image) Nov 17, 2008

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Love Reenacting Award Show Performances? That's Called the 'Grammy Effect.' Video Dec 12, 2014
The Recording Academy: The Grammy Effect - Karaoke Video Dec 12, 2014
Google/GSP: Band of Bridges Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2012
SAS: Globe of Fortune Interactive (image) Aug 25, 2009

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Turn Your Selfie Into A Dali Painting Interactive (image) Jun 17, 2014

Technical Director

Title Medium Date
Nokia: Pjotro Interactive (image) Jun 13, 2006