Andreas Malm

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Volvo's emotional vignettes portray the modern reality of family Video Jun 11, 2018
This Volvo Ad Set to a Haunting Cover of 'My Favorite Things' Is All About NOT Owning a Car Video Jan 26, 2018
This Volvo Spot Imagines a Little Girl's Whole Life Ahead of Her -- for a Reason Video Jun 12, 2017
Volvo Pays Tribute to Zlatan Ibrahamovic in a Moving Farewell Video Jun 27, 2016
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Debuts His Sportswear Brand A-Z With a Punchy Motivational Film Video Jun 10, 2016
Volvo's Thought-Provoking Global Ad Sets Out Its Safety Vision Video Feb 17, 2016
Gleaming Volvos and Swedish DJ Avicii Star in This Glossy Music Video Video May 11, 2015
Volvo Debuts Longest TV Ad in Swedish History Video Jan 19, 2015
Volvo: Leave the World Behind Commercial Video May 20, 2013
Swedish House Mafia Goes Its Separate Ways in New Volvo Campaign Interactive (image) May 20, 2013
Ikea: Siw Malmkvist - Vaggvisa Video Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Lullabies Interactive (image) Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Musette - Air on the G string Video Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Lullabies: Tingsek-Brahms vaggvisa Video Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Albin Gromer - Trollmors vaggsang Video Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Tove Styrke - Byssan Lull Video Apr 27, 2011
Ikea: Maia Hirasawa - Jag finns kvar har Video Apr 27, 2011
JC Clothes: JC The Store Interactive (image) Aug 09, 2005
Volvo: Heart of Volvo Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2005

Creative/Art Director

Title Medium Date
Soccer Star Ibrahimovic's Skin Becomes Platform to Fight World Hunger Video Feb 17, 2015