Angela Dorian

Editorial Producer

Title Medium Date
Bulletstorm: Last Call Video Jan 11, 2011
Sony Playstation: Attic Video Jan 17, 2008
Sony Playstation: Alley Fight Video Jan 17, 2008
Sony Playstation: Kitchen Video Jan 17, 2008
Sony Playstation: Scuba Tactics Video Jan 17, 2008
Sony Playstation: Human Shield Video Jan 17, 2008
Sony Playstation: Blind Fire Video Jan 17, 2008

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Ubisoft: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Video Mar 15, 2016
NBA Star Damian Lillard Raps on Creativity in Sport in Latest Adidas Spot Video Jan 19, 2016
Nissan's Truck Ad Pays Homage to Chevy, Ford, Dodge Video Jan 12, 2016
Mom Calls at the Worst Possible Time in This Very Funny Geico Ad Video Dec 21, 2015
Microsoft XBOX: The Hunt Begins Video Oct 05, 2015
Master Chief Is Dead? Halo 5 Campaign Targets 'Fallen' Hero Video Oct 05, 2015
A Car-Obsesssed Kid Rediscovers His Fantasies in Adorable Honda Spot Video Oct 03, 2015
Honda Debuts Sweeping Stop-Motion 'Power of Dreams' Ad Video Sep 21, 2015
Geico Helps You Create Your Own Version of Europe's 'Final Countdown Interactive (image) Sep 11, 2015
'Madden: The Movie' Might Make Your Eyes Explode Video Aug 21, 2015
Nike Puts You in Neymar's Shoes on the Soccer Pitch With VR Experience Interactive (image) Jul 10, 2015
Subaru: Dream Weekend Video Jul 06, 2015
Abby Wambach Can Do More Than Score Goals, She Can Kick Lights Out Video Jun 05, 2015
Stunning Oscars Ad and Creative Contest Mark Adobe Photoshop's 25th Anniversary Video Feb 23, 2015
Kim Kardashian Mocks Her Own Selfies in T-Mobile's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 26, 2015
Reebok's New Spokes-Athlete Is . . . a Chicken Video Jan 12, 2015
Old Navy's Musical Tugs at the Heartstrings -- in a Good Way Video Aug 01, 2014
Denim-Wearers Young and Old Have Fun in New Levi's Spot Video Jul 15, 2014

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Cisco Gives Us Its Take On The Circle Of Life Video Jan 08, 2014
Kevin Durant Has a Nightmare in Latest Gatorade Spot Video Mar 25, 2013

Post Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Samsung: Galaxy S7: The Dark Video Feb 29, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Water Video Feb 29, 2016
The Dodge Brothers' Challenger Doesn't Impress Everyone Video Jan 07, 2016
Best of 2015 No. 5 TV/Film: 'Losers' Rule in Nike's Uplifting Running Spot Video Sep 25, 2015
Carl's Jr./Hardees: The Most American Thick Burger Video Jun 15, 2015
Powerade Charts Derrick Rose's Journey from Chicago's South Side Video Mar 03, 2015
It Seems Like No One Gets to Drink the Coke in Coca-Cola's Oscars Ad Video Feb 23, 2015
Dodge: Ahead of Their Time Video Nov 10, 2014

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Best of 2015 No. 5 TV/Film: 'Losers' Rule in Nike's Uplifting Running Spot Video Sep 25, 2015
Nike: Fast is Faster Video Apr 27, 2012
Diet Coke: Credit Video Feb 27, 2012
Nike: Welcome to the KobeSystem Video Jan 25, 2012
Old Spice: Scent Vacation Video Feb 04, 2011


Title Medium Date
Sean Combs is a 'Mirage' in New Fiat Ad Video Feb 12, 2014
Dow: Hopeful Video Jul 11, 2012
Toyota Camry: It's Reinvented -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012
AT&T: Shout Your Love from the Mountaintop Interactive (image) Feb 14, 2011
Chevrolet: Misunderstanding Video Feb 04, 2011