Annie Uzdavinis

Broadcast Producer

Title Medium Date
HP: Crash Course Interactive (image) Aug 07, 2008

Director, Integrated Production

Title Medium Date
Toyota: Thin Ice Video Feb 09, 2018
Toyota: Frozen Video Feb 09, 2018

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Ubisoft: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Video Mar 15, 2016
: Private Islands Video Feb 09, 2016
Airbnb Teams With Disney to Bring You 'Jungle Book'-Inspired Travel Video Feb 09, 2016
Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles: Save the Drop Video Jun 08, 2015


Title Medium Date
CyberCash: Lifestyle Choice Video Dec 27, 1999
CyberCash: Walled Compounds Video Dec 27, 1999

Senior Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
Can Your Hipster Boyfriend Fix Your Washing Machine? Video Mar 13, 2013

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
LG: dLite by LG Site Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2010
LG: dLite by LG Music Video Video Aug 18, 2010
LG: dLite AR Game Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2010