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Dennis Quaid is the 'highly likable' spokesperson in Esurance's very self-aware campaign Video Aug 15, 2018

Audio Company

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KFC: Happy Holidays - Uncles Video Nov 29, 2012
KFC: Happy Holidays - Aunts Video Nov 29, 2012
KFC: Happy Holidays - Nephews Video Nov 29, 2012 Job Fairy Video Jan 15, 2010

Audio House

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Raisin Bran Crunch: Alien Video Dec 09, 2009

Audio Mix/Sound Design

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People Defy the Word 'Can't' in Samsung's Latest Global Spot Video Feb 20, 2018

Audio Post

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McDonald's: McDonald's: Football Video Aug 27, 2018
Grandma is back, in all her irreverent glory, for McDonald's newest chicken Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Tailgate Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Weekend Getaway Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Grandparents Day Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: Puzzle Video Oct 06, 2017
McDonald's: Pool Video Oct 06, 2017
Grandma Gets Her Life Back in McDonald's Spots for Buttermilk Crispy Tenders Video Oct 06, 2017
McDonald's: Sunday Dinner Video Oct 06, 2017
McDonald's: Massage Video Oct 06, 2017
McDonald's: Recliner Video Oct 06, 2017
McDonald's: VR Video Oct 06, 2017

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Walmart: Dance Video Oct 17, 2011
Walmart: Baby Comedian Video Oct 17, 2011

Audio Post Production

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Bud Light: Perfect Pour Video Oct 11, 2005
Bud Light: Storage Video Oct 11, 2005
Bud Light: Horseman Video Oct 05, 2005
Partnership for a Drug Free America: Teleprompter Video May 02, 2005
Partnership for a Drug Free America: Cue Cards Video May 02, 2005
Budweiser: Journey Video Feb 06, 2005

Audio Producer

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Orbit: Pants Video Aug 14, 2017
Liquid Plumbr Shows Plenty of (Butt) Cheek in Its Latest Spot Video May 17, 2017
Bud Imagines How Harry Caray Would Have Called Cubs Win Video Nov 03, 2016
In Run-Up to Rio, Always Inspires Girls to Stay Passionate About Sports Video Jun 28, 2016
The Ernest Hemingway Foundation: Hemingway in 15 Seconds Interactive (image) Apr 23, 2015
Bud Light: Rescue Dog -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Allstate: Brunette Video Oct 29, 2008
Allstate: Vincent Video Oct 29, 2008

Audio Production

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McDonald's: Good Morning Oscars Video Feb 29, 2016
Purina: I Make Dog Chow Video Dec 02, 2015

Audio Studio

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A South Sudanese Athlete Heads to the Olympics in Samsung's Uplifting Ad Video Jun 20, 2016

Final Mix

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McDonald's goes retro with Big Mac tribute coins Video Jul 30, 2018


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Blake Griffin Is a Meditation Guru in Funny Spot for Red Bull's L.A. Festival Video Sep 20, 2016
Bud Light: Breathe Fire Video Feb 01, 2008
Bud Light: Wine & Cheese Party Video Feb 01, 2008
Bud Light: Ability to Fly Video Feb 01, 2008


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Miller High Life: I Am Rich Video May 06, 2016

Recording Studio

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This Hidden Camera Taxi Prank Shines a Horrifying Light on Domestic Abuse Video Jun 26, 2017

Sound Company

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Kellogg's: Tomorrow Video Dec 19, 2014
Firestone Tells the Tale of a Forbidden Love Story in Leo Burnett Spot Video Mar 24, 2014

Sound Design

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Watching Drama on Your Phone Can Be a Life or Death Situation in This Samsung Spot Video Oct 25, 2017
Allstate: Gloves Video May 18, 2010
Bud Light: Clothing Drive Video Jan 25, 2010
OfficeMax: Boyfriend Video Jan 22, 2007
OfficeMax: Jury Video Jan 22, 2007
McDonald's: Blanket Video May 25, 2006
Aleve: Leonard Nimoy Video Feb 05, 2006
Aleve: Preview Video Feb 02, 2006

Sound Design and Final Mix Company

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UN Women: HeForShe Video Sep 26, 2014

Sound Design and Mix

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If You Want to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, You Gotta Have the Right Batteries Video Oct 10, 2013

Sound Director

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Eclipse: Lawyers Video Mar 08, 2004
Eclipse: Scientists Video Mar 08, 2004
Gatorade: Origins II Video Jul 14, 2003

Sound Mix

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Budweiser: Clydesdale Team Video Jan 30, 2008


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Budweiser: Crowntown Interactive (image) Jan 11, 2007