Anthony Nelson

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Guinness Targets Africans With Bold 'Made of Black' Campaign Video Aug 28, 2014
Motorola: The Journey Video May 31, 2007
Snickers: Tank Video Apr 26, 2007
Heineken: Reflections of Male Misery Print (image) May 16, 2005
Zurich Financial: Silence Video May 10, 2005

Broadcast Integrated Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Finish Line/Nike: Concert Video Aug 07, 2007

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
THINK! road safety: Don't Drink Drive 50th Anniversary Video Nov 13, 2014

Director, Production

Title Medium Date
Calling the Doctor From Your Office Can Be Oh So Humiliating Video May 19, 2015
ZocDoc: Rabies Video May 19, 2015

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
StreetEasy Will Make New Yorkers Laugh at Their Own Misfortune Print (image) Feb 17, 2016
Oreo: The History Print Print (image) Mar 06, 2012

Freelance Producer

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Gypsy Cab Project Interactive (image) Jul 12, 2006

Group Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Watch This Insane Faux Infomercial Starring Jeff Goldblum (Then Buy a $15 Light Bulb) Video Sep 30, 2014
GE Asks What Would Happen If Light Could Seek Dark in Inspiring New Ad Video Jul 16, 2014
General Electric Uses a Kid to Explain its Business to You Video Feb 06, 2014
GE Outwits Star Trek's Sulu in New 'Brilliant Enterprise' Spot Video Oct 07, 2013
The Matrix's Agent Smith Stars in GE's New Campaign Video Apr 15, 2013

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
StreetEasy Gives New Yorkers a Delightful Reminder of How Cramped Their Lives Are Print (image) May 26, 2015


Title Medium Date
Best Buy: Ozzy vs. Bieber Video Feb 06, 2011
Sega's NFL ESPN Football: Beta 7 Video Dec 31, 2004
Sega: Beta 7 Video Apr 23, 2004
N.J. Dept. of Health: Break Video Feb 09, 2004
N.J. Dept. of Health: Headstand Video Feb 09, 2004
N.J. Dept. of Health: Staring Video Feb 09, 2004
N.J. Dept. of Health: Simon Says Video Feb 09, 2004
N.J. Dept. of Health: Mind Bender Video Feb 09, 2004

Senior Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
Burger King: Whopper Virgins Video Feb 25, 2009