Antonio Hardy

Color Producer

Title Medium Date
Old Spice: Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 07, 2016
Adidas Urges You to 'Unfollow' Leo Messi Video Aug 20, 2015
Adidas Knocks Soccer Heroes Off Their Pedestal in Debut Work From 72andSunny Video Aug 06, 2015
Christie Brinkley Has Cameo in Infiniti's 'National Lampoon Vacation' Themed Ad Video Jul 07, 2015
Gatorade Makes Sweat Look Incredible in a Tribute to Tenacity Video May 14, 2015


Title Medium Date
Craig Robinson Takes Bacon from a Pig in New Ad for Supercell's 'Hay Day' Video May 23, 2014
Ellen is Goldilocks in Beats Music's Super Bowl Commercial Video Jan 30, 2014
What Happens In Vegas Gets Really Epic In Call Of Duty's New 'Ghosts' Trailer Starring Megan Fox Video Nov 04, 2013


Title Medium Date
Energizer: Fluffy Tail and Power Suit Video Oct 12, 2016
Draymond Green Drops Into E-40's Music Video in Latest Spot From Beats Video May 31, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: The Dark Video Feb 29, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Water Video Feb 29, 2016

Production Coordinator

Title Medium Date
Supercell Hay Day: Pants Video Jun 27, 2014
Supercell Hay Day: Apple Video Jun 27, 2014
Supercell Hay Day: Stacks Video Jun 27, 2014
Supercell Promotes 'Hay Day' Game with Musical Number Starring Craig Robinson Video Jun 27, 2014

Visual Effects Coordinator

Title Medium Date
Audi's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Doberhuahua, Sarah McLachlan Video Jan 27, 2014
Sarah McLachlan Returns To Plead About the Life of a (Fictional) Doggie Video Jan 23, 2014

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
A Real Honda Races a Virtual One in a Mixed Reality Race With Forza Motorsport Video Feb 23, 2018