Apollo Studios


Title Medium Date
A cute animated beaver warns against the danger of dams in this Canadian PSA Video Jun 28, 2018

Audio House

Title Medium Date
The Slashies: The Slashies. A new advertising awards show. Video Oct 23, 2014
RBC: Flame Trail Video Feb 11, 2010

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
CIBC: In Her Shoes Video Aug 20, 2014

Digital Audio

Title Medium Date
Norton Links Your Mobile and Your Computer to Teach You About Privacy Interactive (image) Oct 16, 2013


Title Medium Date
Skittles Touch: Zombie Tennis Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Princess Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Werewolf Baby Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Sasquatch Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Dr Cyclops Video Mar 20, 2012
Duracell: Bunny Fusion Video Sep 18, 2009

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Scrabble: Hula Video Apr 24, 2009
Scrabble: Yoga Video Apr 24, 2009

Original Music

Title Medium Date
Now Dove Encourages Little Girls to Embrace Their Curls Video Jan 22, 2015

Sound + Mix Company

Title Medium Date
Eper: Doctor Video Mar 09, 2015

Sound and Music

Title Medium Date
Dulux: 1986 Video Apr 14, 2015
Dulux: 1991 Video Apr 14, 2015

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
The Making of Orange's FutureSelf Project Interactive (image) Sep 30, 2014

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
The Sounds of War Are Not What They Seem in This Stirring Ad From the David Lynch Foundation Video Apr 11, 2017
Wealthsimple: Take Care of Yourself Video Mar 03, 2016
Days Inn: Bizcation - Linda Land Video Feb 16, 2016