Title Medium Date
Dish: Tiny Beer Video Feb 12, 2013
Dish: Footrest Video Feb 12, 2013
Dish: In Memoriam Video Feb 11, 2013
eBay: Frenzy Video Sep 11, 2012
eBay: New Baby Video Sep 10, 2012
eBay: Bad Dog Video Sep 10, 2012

Edit House

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Visa Checkout Gives You a Little Too Much Free Time Video Apr 10, 2015


Title Medium Date
Danny Trejo Is Marcia, But Who's Jan? Video Jan 28, 2015

Editing Company

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Clear 4G Internet: Magician Video Feb 22, 2012
Clear 4G Internet: Shirts Video Feb 22, 2012
Toyota: Commute Video Jul 06, 2011
Vizio: Forge Video Feb 04, 2010


Title Medium Date
Amour: Make Fantasies Happen - Dirty Pool Video Mar 22, 2012
Amour: Make Fantasies Happen - Special Delivery Video Mar 22, 2012
Amour: Make Fantasies Happen - Officer Biggs Video Mar 22, 2012

Editoral Company

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Hyundai Releases Super Bowl Spot Featuring Johnny Galecki of 'The Big Bang Theory' Video Jan 27, 2014


Title Medium Date
Johnnie Walker Asks, Could the Average American Pass a Citizenship Test? Video Oct 25, 2017
Jeff Bridges Rides the Oregon Trail in W+K's First TV Work for Lyft Video Sep 08, 2017
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls Video Mar 11, 2016
Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Star in Samsung's Latest Ads Video Mar 11, 2016
Samsung: Gear VR: Elephant Video Mar 11, 2016
Sonic: Fundamentals Video Mar 04, 2016
Kevin Durant Takes on the Naysayers... by Eating a Chicken Sandwich in Ad for Sonic Video Mar 04, 2016
Was William H. Macy's Star-Studded Samsung Galaxy Ad Real or Just a VR Simulation? Video Feb 29, 2016
SoFi Points Out 'Great' Prospects in its Debut Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2016
This Intense Ad Starring Kevin Durant Takes an Unexpectedly Ridiculous Turn Video Jun 05, 2015
Chevrolet Says Happy 4G of July! That's Not a Typo. Video Jul 03, 2014
Slo Down Wines: Horticulture Video May 17, 2013
Cheeky Vintner Exposes Himself to Sell His Wine Video May 17, 2013
Slo Down Wines: Equestrian Video May 17, 2013
A Tale of Young Love, As Told With a Coke in Hand Video Apr 24, 2013
Frankenstein's Monster Explains The Simplicity of T-Mobile's Offerings Video Apr 22, 2013
Honda Acura: Transactions -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012
HBO True Blood: Dig Deeper Interactive (image) May 24, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Forefathers Video Mar 08, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Caesar Video Mar 08, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Van Gogh Video Mar 08, 2011
Kia: Joyride Video Jan 29, 2010

Editorial Company

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Trojan: Social video Video Aug 13, 2018
NFL: Thursday Night Football - Waladoo Video Aug 10, 2018
Truth takes on opioid addiction in brutal ads that will make you flinch Video Jun 07, 2018
Nike Silences Kevin Durant's Critics in Ad Celebrating Golden State Warriors' NBA Finals Win Video Jun 13, 2017
Adam Driver Ruins Snickers' Live Super Bowl Ad (But That's the Point) Video Feb 06, 2017
Tide Pulls Off a Super Bowl Surprise With Terry Bradshaw Video Feb 05, 2017
This Wine Brand Is Using a Totally Obnoxious Vineyard Owner as Its Pitchman Video Nov 03, 2016
Nikki Minaj Finds the Snapchat Ghost Cheating With Her Man in T-Mobile Ad Video Sep 09, 2016
Watch a Year in the Life of Bud Light's NFL Team Cans Video Sep 06, 2016
Bud Light Tackles Another Hot-Button Issue: Transgender Rights Video Aug 15, 2016
Christoph Waltz Is All Kinds of American in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Olympics Ad Video Aug 05, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Spot Tackles Gender Pay Equality Video Jun 27, 2016
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dark Necessities Video Jun 23, 2016
Bud Light: Rainbow Billboard Print (image) Jun 01, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Ad Celebrates Gay Marriage -- With Backing From Ellen Video Jun 01, 2016 Deck Video Jun 01, 2016
Elizabeth Banks is the (Weird) Woman of Your Dreams in Latest From Video Jun 01, 2016 Behind the Scenes Video Jun 01, 2016
T-Mobile's Mystery Super Bowl Star: Steve #Ballogize Harvey Video Feb 07, 2016
See Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer in Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Lotion Up and Wear Spanx for Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 22, 2016
Brotein Shake-Drinking, Broritto-Eating Bros Get You Pumped for Geico Video Jan 04, 2016
Stan Lee Schools Tara Reid, Kevin Smith on the Art of the Cameo for Audi Video Apr 28, 2015
Kevin Hart and Dave Franco Star in the Most Over the Top Madden Promo Ever Video Aug 18, 2014
Xbox: The Kinect Effect Video Nov 04, 2011
AARP: Get Over It Video May 23, 2011
AT&T: Spider Video May 20, 2011
HP: Shawn Video Dec 21, 2010
Shaun White Skateboarding: Transformation - Director's Cut Video Jul 08, 2010
Charter Business: Unprofessional Video Jul 28, 2009
HP: Kevin Garnett All-Arounder Video May 20, 2009
Intel: Oops Video May 07, 2009
Intel: Star Video May 07, 2009
Burger King: Kingon Nipple Pinch Video May 06, 2009
Emerald Nuts: Falling Video Apr 09, 2009
Burger King: Sponge Bob Video Apr 08, 2009
Hulu: Seth's Giggity Goo Video Mar 20, 2009
Hulu: Eliza's Fondue Video Mar 04, 2009
Alliance for Climate Protection: Clean Coal Video Feb 27, 2009

Editorial Company

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Shh! Sunday morning is quality time with football, son Video Aug 10, 2018


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Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Do 'Dirty Dancing' in the NFL's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 04, 2018
Jeff Bridges Rides the Oregon Trail in W+K's First TV Work for Lyft Video Sep 08, 2017

Post Production

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Just What Is This Hardworking Teenager Saving Up For? Video Dec 02, 2014

Post Production Company

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Post Production/Visual Effects

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Visa Pits Peace-Loving Nobel Laureates Against Each Other in World Cup Spot Video Jun 12, 2014

Production Company

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Video Production

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Microsoft: Head to Head Video Aug 13, 2014
Microsoft Continues to Flip the 'Mac v. PC' Strategy With New Surface Pro Ads Video Aug 13, 2014
Microsoft Pulls a 'Mac vs. PC' to Promote Cortana Video Jul 28, 2014