Ari Kuschnir

Chief Executive Officer

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Memory Tapes: Yes I Know Video Jun 08, 2011

Chief Executive Offier Exec. Producer

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Mitsubishi Gives Newborns and New Parents Their First Ride Home Video Apr 09, 2014

Chief Executive Offier/Executive Producer

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The Climate Reality Project: The Price of Carbon Interactive (image) Mar 05, 2013

Executive Producer

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This Oculus VR Experience Immerses You in the Drama of the 2016 NBA Finals Video Sep 14, 2016
Meet Frank and Marty, Fishing Buddies With an Unusual Set of Skills Video May 18, 2016
A Woman Gives Kids in Need 'Super Powers' in Touching Amex Documentary Video Aug 12, 2015
Birchbox: There's a Better Way Video Jun 03, 2015
Pepsi: Pepsi Challenge Emoji Video Mar 11, 2015
Mitsubishi Kept Pizzas Safe in Snowy Boston During the Super Bowl Video Feb 04, 2015
Dos Equis and Oculus Rift Are Throwing a Party and You Could Score an Invite Interactive (image) Oct 29, 2014
Siemens Orchestrates 'The Blue Danube' with Wind to Promote Renewable Energy Video Jul 25, 2014
Non-World Cup Sponsor Pepsi Debuts Global Soccer Campaign Video Apr 02, 2014
Intel Shows How Creativity Can Come From An Ultrabook Video Nov 05, 2013
MGMT is Plagued by Possums, Horned Beetles and Scaly Things in Trailer for New Album Video Sep 04, 2013
How a Has-been DJ and Former Child Star Revolutionized the Dance Music Scene Video May 08, 2013
The Climate Reality Project: 24 Hours of Reality - The Fat Lady Sings Video Sep 08, 2011
The Climate Reality Project: 24 Hours of Reality - The Denial Hits The Fan Video Sep 08, 2011
The Climate Reality Project: 24 Hours of Reality Interactive (image) Jul 12, 2011
Sundance Channel: RESET Video Feb 15, 2011

Executive Producer, Founder

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This Moving Film About a Blind Runner Is Actually an Ad for IBM Video Nov 11, 2015
MIT Media Lab: Knotty Objects - Phone Video Jul 21, 2015
MIT Media Lab: Knotty Objects - Steak Video Jul 21, 2015
These Fascinating MIT Films Will School You on Bitcoin, Bricks and In-Vitro Meat Video Jul 21, 2015

Executive Producer, Partner

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Everyone Speaks Food at Google's Pop-Up Restaurant Video Jul 23, 2016

Founder, Executive Producer

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It's Groundhog Day With Weiners in the Johnsonville Father's Day Campaign Video Jun 08, 2015

Founder, Managing Partner

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Intel deployed 300 drones for a personalized LGBTQ Pride light show Video Jun 27, 2018

Founder/Executive Producer

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Follow the Music Around the Room in This VR Video for the Honda Civic Video Feb 24, 2016

Managing Partner

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To protect civilians, sign this petition with a selfie, not a signature Video Aug 17, 2018
United Nations: World Humanitarian Day Selfie Signatures - generic face swap Video Aug 17, 2018