Ariel Serkin


Title Medium Date
Axe Argentina: Evidence 2 Interactive (image) Feb 03, 2012
Axe Argentina: Evidence 1 Interactive (image) Feb 03, 2012
Axe: Robot Video Feb 22, 2010
MTV Latin America: Father Video Jan 16, 2006
MTV Latin America: Zoo Video Jan 16, 2006
MTV Latin America: Meeting Video Jan 16, 2006

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
The Hotter Your Apartment, The Bigger Discount You Get on BGH Air Conditioners Interactive (image) May 06, 2014
VH1's Hilarious Musical Sends an Intimidating Message to All You Bully Losers Video Apr 22, 2014
Does Chewing Gum Make You Seem More Fun? Video Nov 19, 2013
You Won't Believe What Comes Out of This Hen's Hoo Ha Video Oct 30, 2013
BGH Smart TV: Keanu Video Jul 08, 2013
BGH Smart TV: Julia Video Jul 08, 2013
BGH's New Smart TVs Deliver Personal Messages to Keanu, Mr. Miyagi and Julia Video Jul 08, 2013
Hurricane Martha Video Jun 06, 2013
Why Are the Most Devastating Hurricanes Named After Women? Video Jun 06, 2013
Andes: A Singular Man Video Aug 21, 2012
BGH Air Conditioners: No Signal Video Feb 28, 2012
BGH Air Conditioners: Friends Video Feb 28, 2012
BGH Air Conditioners: Dads in Briefs--Best of 2012 TV #8 Video Feb 28, 2012
Andes: El Gran Escape-English Version Video Feb 13, 2012
Norte Beer: With/Without Video Nov 30, 2011
Norte Beer: Photoblocker Video Nov 30, 2011
PlayStation: We Are All Players Video Nov 01, 2011
Disco: Heir Video Aug 18, 2008
Disco: Date Video Aug 18, 2008
Disco: Boss Video Aug 18, 2008

Creative Director/ Copywriter

Title Medium Date
: False Teeth Video May 18, 2007
: Reincarnation Video May 18, 2007
: Toupee Video May 18, 2007

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
This Series of Ridiculous GIFs Is Really a Beer Ad Video Aug 01, 2017
Who Could Be the Murderer in This Creepy Ad? Video May 11, 2016
Andes Removes All the Hot Guys From One Town With a Fake Casting Call Video Sep 02, 2015
This 'Art' Film Illustrates Something Very Unexpected Video Aug 06, 2015
Gillette Gets Argentinian Soccer Star Replying to Fans' Tweets With His Feet Interactive (image) Jun 18, 2015
How to Sell ACs? Start a Bidding War During Heatwaves Interactive (image) May 27, 2015
Andes Beer Lets You Attach Video Messages to its Bottles Video Dec 09, 2014

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
Changyou: Mother Video May 05, 2015
Changyou: Employee Video May 05, 2015
Think Gaming Is Making Your Life Crappy? Think Again. Video May 05, 2015
Forecasters Suffer Consequences of Inaccurate Weather Predictions in Funny Toyota Stunt Video Mar 02, 2015