Ben Davies

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Robinsons Ad Finally Gets the Happy Ending it Deserves, Thanks to Andy Murray Video Jul 08, 2013
Puma Social: Pump Up Video Jul 20, 2011
Robinsons: Wimbledon Video Jun 02, 2009
Vodafone: Magical Video Dec 17, 2007

Director, Photography

Title Medium Date
Birds Eye: Pea Car Video Oct 07, 2005

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Under Armour Releases Stirring Tribute to NBA Star Stephen Curry Video May 06, 2015
Newcastle: No Bollocks - Miners Video Apr 13, 2012
Hennessy: Manny Video Apr 03, 2012
Hennessy: Erykah Badu Video Apr 03, 2012
Hennessy: Martin Scorsese Video Apr 03, 2012
Hennessy: Manny-Extended Cut Video Apr 03, 2012
Newcastle: Believe Video Mar 30, 2012
Newcastle: Glass Video Mar 30, 2012
Newcastle: Brewers Video Mar 30, 2012

Head of Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
SheaMoisture Literally Breaks Down Walls in Spot Highlighting Ethnic Beauty Video Apr 05, 2016
A One-Year-Old Girl Runs for President in YMCA's Latest Campaign Video Feb 25, 2016
Families of Gay, Transgender and Adopted Children Celebrate Acceptance on 'Love Day' in Ad From Honey Maid Video Feb 11, 2016
Gritty Droga5 Spots for the YMCA Show How it Transforms Communities Video Jan 25, 2016
The YMCA Brings Hope to Gritty, Underprivileged Communities in Debut Campaign From Droga5 Video Jan 25, 2016
Osteo Bi-Flex: Made to Move: Yoga Video Jan 08, 2016
New Reason to Take Osteo-Bi-Flex: Embarassing Your Kids Video Jan 08, 2016
Scion: Stockphoto Business People Video Nov 19, 2015
More Weirdos Emerge in Droga5's Latest Ads for Scion Video Nov 19, 2015
In Latest Emotive Film, Air Wick Creates a Memento of Home for Three Downsizing Couples Video Nov 10, 2015
In Explosive Under Armour Film, Stephen Curry Changes the Game Video Oct 21, 2015
Toyota Launches Its Mirai in a Nostalgic 'Back to the Future' Film Video Oct 21, 2015
Marty McFly and Doc Brown Reunite in Toyota Teaser as 'Future' Date Approaches Video Oct 14, 2015
Uranus, Boob and Fart Jokes Are Teachers' Eternal Fate in Droga5's Latest for Clearasil Video Oct 12, 2015
Under Armour Puts the Focus on Laces in its First Global Soccer Campaign Video Sep 22, 2015
Under Armour Unleashes an Army of Tom Bradys During NFL Season Opener Video Sep 10, 2015
Under Armour 'Multiplies' Misty Copeland, Stephen Curry and Jordan Spieth in Stunning Ad Video Aug 24, 2015
Toyota Powers a Car With Lemonade in New 'Fueled by Everything' Film Video Aug 20, 2015
Moto G's Battery Life Promises to Endure Your Most Torturous Dating Journeys Video Aug 05, 2015
Americans are Forced to Think About Energy Sources in Thought-Provoking Film Video Jul 30, 2015
Love Cheesy '80s Country Music? Write a Verse for Johnsonville's 'Bratsgiving' Ballad Video Jul 22, 2015
An Immigrant Family Celebrates July Fourth in Honey Maid's Latest Inclusive Ad Video Jun 30, 2015
Under Armour's Gisele Bundchen Campaign Wins Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes Interactive (image) Jun 24, 2015
It's Groundhog Day With Weiners in the Johnsonville Father's Day Campaign Video Jun 08, 2015
Quilted Northern's Funny Toilet Paper Ads Pity Traumatized Bathroom Objects Video May 04, 2015
Quilted Northern: Froggy Video May 04, 2015
Quilted Northern: Birds Video May 04, 2015
Quilted Northern: Conductor Randy Video May 04, 2015
Toyota and Droga5 Fuel Hydrogen Car With Real Bullsh*t Video Apr 22, 2015
No Ceilings: Not There (Slideshow) Print (image) Mar 09, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 7 Integrated/IX: Female Celebrities 'Disappear' From Ads and Mags in Clinton Foundation's 'No Ceilings' Push via Droga5 Video Mar 09, 2015
Newcastle Begins The Longest Tease Ever for Super Bowl 2016 Video Feb 04, 2015
Newcastle Stuffs 37 Brands Into Its Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 27, 2015
Aubrey Plaza Can't Get Excited Enough in Newcastle's Latest Super Bowl Announcement Video Jan 21, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 3 Integrated/IX: Newcastle and Aubrey Plaza Ask Other Brands to Chip in for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 12, 2015
Newcastle 'Crashes' Doritos to Crash the 2015 Super Bowl Video Jan 07, 2015
Newcastle: Behind the Scenes of 'Chores' Video Jan 07, 2015
Air Wick Sends a Deployed Hero Whiffs of Home Video Dec 11, 2014
Would You Rather Fight 100 Kitten-Sized Taylor Swifts or One Taylor Swift-Sized Kitten? Video Oct 15, 2014
Sarah Silverman Grows a Pair for Young Women Across America Video Oct 07, 2014
'Drive Change': Toyota Champions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech in Beautifully Animated Short Video Sep 22, 2014
Behind the Scenes of Prudential's World-Record-Breaking 30-Foot-Tall Domino Topple Video Sep 16, 2014
Watch Prudential's World-Record-Breaking 30-Foot-Tall Domino Topple Video Sep 16, 2014
Honey Maid Presents a 'Blended Family' in Latest Spot Video Sep 10, 2014
Gisele Bundchen Shows Off Some Serious Kung Fu Skills for Under Armour Video Sep 03, 2014
Jockey: Greatness (video) Video Aug 18, 2014
Droga5 Looks to the Past for New Jockey Creative Print (image) Aug 18, 2014
Droga5 Debuts Empowering Campaign for Under Armour Women's Line Video Jul 31, 2014
Moto E Launch Spot Shows Phone Does More than Just Change Colors Video May 22, 2014
Droga5 New York and Prudential Tap Retirees to Help Create New Campaign Video Apr 28, 2014
Gay and Interracial Couples Among the 'Wholesome Families' in New Honey Maid Ad Video Mar 10, 2014
Chobani Contrasts Its Natural Yogurt With Other Brands In Oscars Spot Video Feb 28, 2014
Best of 2014 #2 TV/Film: Anna Kendrick Wonders if She's 'Beer Commercial' Hot in Newcastle's Super Bowl Ambush Video Jan 29, 2014
The Stars Who Could Have Been In Newcastle Brown's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2014
A Raging Bear Breaks into a Grocery Store in Chobani's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 28, 2014
The Super Bowl Ad Newcastle Brown Would Have Made Video Jan 23, 2014
Speed Demon Sir Malcolm Campbell is Star of Droga5's New 'Wild Rabbit' Spot for Hennessy Video Nov 04, 2013
Your Lazy Phone Will Drive You Into a Lake Video Sep 25, 2013
Moto X: Quick Capture Video Sep 09, 2013
Moto X: Active Display Video Sep 09, 2013
Your iPhone is a Fat, Lazy Man, Say Hilarious New Moto X Ads Video Sep 09, 2013
Droga5 Unveils First-Ever Spotify Campaign Video Mar 25, 2013
Spotify: Her Song Video Mar 25, 2013
Spotify: Getting Weird Video Mar 25, 2013


Title Medium Date
Prudential: Sunrise Video Jun 01, 2011
Method/Virgin America: We're All In This Together Video Apr 07, 2011