Bennett McCarroll

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
TruTV: Punxsutawney Polamalu Video Feb 01, 2010

Broadcast Director

Title Medium Date
DirecTV: I Am Epic Win Video Mar 15, 2011

Director, Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
Mike's Hard Lemonade Takes a Page from DirecTV's Book in New Spots Video May 24, 2013
Mike's Hard Lemonade: Hibachi Video May 24, 2013
Barnardo's: Save It -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Feb 01, 2013
Barnardo's: Fatherhood -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
TNT: Wherever You Go Video Sep 16, 2011
TNT: Don't Miss a Second Video Sep 16, 2011
E*TRADE: Tailor Video Feb 06, 2011
E*TRADE: Cat Video Feb 06, 2011
DirecTV: Opulence Video Jul 26, 2010
E*TRADE: Baby Banking Video Feb 01, 2008
E*TRADE: Baby Trading Video Feb 01, 2008

Executive Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
E*TRADE: Wings Video Jan 31, 2009
Captain Morgan: Text Message Video Jul 10, 2008
E*TRADE: Baby Mobile Coming Soon Video Jun 05, 2008

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
NFL: Ballet Video Oct 16, 2009
NFL: Same Pair of Shoes Video Aug 17, 2009

Executive Vice President, Director, Broadcast

Title Medium Date
That Monster in the Closet? It's Real. Video Apr 09, 2014

Executive Vice President, Director, Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
Gillette's Olympics Music Video Shows Gritty Side of Athletic Competition Video Jul 13, 2016
NFL: American Family Side by Side Comparison Video Feb 08, 2011
NFL: American Family Video Feb 06, 2011

Executive Vice President, Director, Film Production

Title Medium Date
Lean Cuisine: Night Nurse Video Jul 13, 2015

Executive Vice President, Head of Production

Title Medium Date
'Ghost Voters' Appear on D.C. Sidewalks to Highlight Gun Violence Interactive (image) Mar 15, 2016


Title Medium Date
Canon's Rube Goldberg-Style Ad Demonstrates the Importance of the Right Camera Video Aug 08, 2017
Volvo: Volvo Wedding Video Aug 30, 2016
Volvo's Beautiful Ad Imagines a Modern-Day Walt Whitman Video Aug 29, 2016