Big Foote Music


Title Medium Date
Aides: Willy the Tourist Video Apr 26, 2011
International Rescue Committee: Haiti Video Jan 15, 2010
Scion: BoxBite Video Mar 02, 2007
MasterCard: Guitar Video Aug 26, 2001

Music and Mix

Title Medium Date
Hear Auld Lang Syne Played on Flute Glasses in This Beautiful Ad for Cava Video Dec 07, 2015

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Dell: Factory Video Jul 21, 2006
Pepsi: Sumo Video Jun 13, 2005
Capital One: Toys Video Dec 22, 2003
Museum of Sex: I Could Never Do That Video Oct 30, 2003
Museum of Sex: Headphones Video Oct 30, 2003
Frito-Lay: California Dude Video Aug 06, 2002
Frito-Lay: Memphis Tour Guide Video Aug 06, 2002

Music House

Title Medium Date
GE: Interrogation Video May 03, 2004

Music Production

Title Medium Date
Dentyne Ice: Watch What Happens Next Interactive (image) Mar 03, 2006

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
This Insane Mitsubishi Truck Ad Is Like 'Mad Max' Meets 'Lord of the Rings' Video Oct 11, 2016
Millennium Campaign: Still Life Video Oct 13, 2006
Millennium Campaign: DMB Video Oct 13, 2006
Millennium Campaign: Bunny Wolf Video Oct 13, 2006
Capital One: Toys Video Dec 22, 2003