Bonnie Wan

Director, Brand Strategy

Title Medium Date
Tostitos Taps 'The Fresh Prince' Sidekick Carlton to Dance for Your DIY Super Bowl Invite Video Jan 17, 2018
NFL: Conference Call Video Aug 23, 2017
Thursday Night Football Is More Pressing Than Childbirth in This NFL Spot Video Aug 23, 2017
Tostitos: Lucky Bags - Baltimore Ravens Interactive (image) Aug 17, 2017
Tostitos: Lucky Bags - Houston Texans Interactive (image) Aug 17, 2017
Tostitos: Lucky Bags - Pittsburgh Steelers Interactive (image) Aug 17, 2017
Tostitos' NFL 'Lucky Bags' Link to Snapchat Videos From Teams Interactive (image) Aug 17, 2017
Ad Council's Anti-Bullying Emoji Campaign Expands With Design and Contests Interactive (image) Oct 06, 2016
Terrible Marketing Defeats a Suave Secret Agent in Adobe's Advertising Week Spot Video Sep 26, 2016
Doritos: No Taste, No Crunch, No Choice Bag Print (image) Sep 26, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 4 Print/OOH/Design: Doritos Creates Flavorless, Crunchless Chips to Encourage Young People to Vote Video Sep 26, 2016
Old-Fashioned Paperwork Could Ruin Your Deal, Says Adobe's Latest Satiric Spot Video Sep 12, 2016
Adobe Recreates Lost Art Masterpieces Using Stock Photos and Photoshop Interactive (image) Jun 21, 2016
Dreyer's Captures Real-Life Family Moments in This Emotive Spot Video May 02, 2016
These College Acceptance Letters Contain a Shocking Surprise Video Apr 19, 2016

Group Brand Strategy Director

Title Medium Date
Mobile Ads Could (Literally) Ruin Your Life, Warns Adobe's Latest Funny Spot Video Apr 14, 2016
Sonic: Fundamentals Video Mar 04, 2016
Kevin Durant Takes on the Naysayers... by Eating a Chicken Sandwich in Ad for Sonic Video Mar 04, 2016
Is Your Super Bowl Ad a Ridiculous Ill-Judged Gamble? Video Feb 01, 2016
This Intense Ad Starring Kevin Durant Takes an Unexpectedly Ridiculous Turn Video Jun 05, 2015

Head of Brand Strategy

Title Medium Date
Shh! Sunday morning is quality time with football, son Video Aug 10, 2018
NFL: Thursday Night Football - Waladoo Video Aug 10, 2018