Brendan Hogan

Assistant Editor

Title Medium Date
Knights trade blows--and fashion recommendations--in PS4 spot Video Sep 04, 2018
Old Spice: Alpha Dawg Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Tragic Hair Video Jul 07, 2017
Moms Are Unimpressed With Marketing Gimmicks in Old Spice's Latest Campaign Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Shush Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Changes Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Invisible Boy Video Jul 07, 2017
Von Miller May Actually Be the Most Interesting Man in the World, Judging From These Old Spice Ads Video Sep 13, 2016
Old Spice: Be Harder Video Sep 13, 2016
Old Spice: Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 07, 2016
Scion: Stockphoto Business People Video Nov 19, 2015
More Weirdos Emerge in Droga5's Latest Ads for Scion Video Nov 19, 2015
Bai: El Guapo Video Sep 28, 2015
Bai: Marriage Video Sep 28, 2015
Nothing Makes Sense in These Zany Spots for Bai Video Sep 28, 2015
Terry Crews Gets All Up in TMYMCSL's Face in Old Spice's Scent Showdown Video Aug 13, 2015
Old Spice Pits Terry Crews Against TMYMCSL in Latest Ad Video Aug 06, 2015
Droga5's First Clearasil Ad Reminds Teens That Acne, Like Mom's Nagging, Won't Last Forever Video Jul 13, 2015
Windstream: Hornets Video Jun 19, 2015
Guess Who Else Really Must! Have! Wheat Thins! Video Sep 20, 2013
Foot Locker: Hat for Fishing Video Dec 12, 2012
Old Spice: Muscle Music Keyboard Key Interactive (image) Aug 28, 2012
Old Spice: Muscle Music--Best of 2012 IX #8 Interactive (image) Aug 28, 2012

Visual Effects Company

Title Medium Date
ESPN: Opening Day Video Mar 18, 2011