Brian Latt

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Xfinity: Ripped Video Feb 20, 2013
Xfinity: Discovery Video Feb 20, 2013
Sigur Ros: Fjogur Piano Video Jun 14, 2012

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
This Oculus VR Experience Immerses You in the Drama of the 2016 NBA Finals Video Sep 14, 2016
Pepsi: Pepsi Challenge Emoji Video Mar 11, 2015
Target: Tweet-to-Runway Show Interactive (image) Jan 23, 2013
Mentos: Spider Swiper Interactive (image) Jan 17, 2012
Kohl's: Just Another Day at the Office for Jennifer Lopez Video Aug 30, 2011
Kohl's: Jennifer Lopez Gets Down to Work Video Aug 30, 2011
Help Remedies: Udder Video Mar 25, 2011

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Rolling Rock: Satellite Video Mar 27, 2008

Executive Producer, Partner

Title Medium Date
MIT Media Lab: Knotty Objects - Phone Video Jul 21, 2015
MIT Media Lab: Knotty Objects - Steak Video Jul 21, 2015
These Fascinating MIT Films Will School You on Bitcoin, Bricks and In-Vitro Meat Video Jul 21, 2015

Executive Producer/Partner

Title Medium Date
This Moving Film About a Blind Runner Is Actually an Ad for IBM Video Nov 11, 2015

Managing Director

Title Medium Date
MINI: The Best Test Drive Ever. Period. Video Jan 12, 2012
McDonald's: Big Mac Pop Icon Microsite Interactive (image) Jan 10, 2012

Partners, Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
It's Groundhog Day With Weiners in the Johnsonville Father's Day Campaign Video Jun 08, 2015


Title Medium Date
Carl's Jr and Hardee's Invite You to Reclaim Your Angus Video Jun 10, 2013