Brian McPherson

Director, Account Management

Title Medium Date
Doritos Introduces Rainbow Chips to Celebrate LGBT Pride Print (image) Sep 17, 2015

Group Account Director

Title Medium Date
Grandma's Cookies: Carpool Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies: Cafeteria Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies: Park Video Apr 26, 2016
Grandma's Cookies Reveals Dangers of Smelling Too Much Like Grandma's Cookies Video Apr 26, 2016

Managing Partner

Title Medium Date
Morgan Freeman Gets His Freak on in Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 30, 2018
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018
NFL: Conference Call Video Aug 23, 2017
Thursday Night Football Is More Pressing Than Childbirth in This NFL Spot Video Aug 23, 2017
Tostitos Warns of Drunk Driving Dangers in Film Promoting Its 'Party Safe' Bag Video Jan 31, 2017
Tostitos' 'Party Safe' Bag of Chips Will Warn You Off Drunk Driving (and Call You an Uber) Print (image) Jan 24, 2017
Ad Council's Anti-Bullying Emoji Campaign Expands With Design and Contests Interactive (image) Oct 06, 2016
Terrible Marketing Defeats a Suave Secret Agent in Adobe's Advertising Week Spot Video Sep 26, 2016
Doritos: No Taste, No Crunch, No Choice Bag Print (image) Sep 26, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 4 Print/OOH/Design: Doritos Creates Flavorless, Crunchless Chips to Encourage Young People to Vote Video Sep 26, 2016
Old-Fashioned Paperwork Could Ruin Your Deal, Says Adobe's Latest Satiric Spot Video Sep 12, 2016