Ceinwyn Clark

Audio Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Charlex: ShapeShifter Video Jan 06, 2011

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Christopher Walken Has Sock Puppet Hands in Kia's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 02, 2016
Airbnb's Global Ad Aims to Appease Your Doubts About Staying in a Stranger's Home Video Apr 21, 2015
Weight Watchers Captures Perfectly Our Relationship With Food Video Dec 02, 2014
Lionel Messi Needs to Get Serious in Adidas' World Cup Kickoff Ad Video Jun 12, 2014
Messi Has a Bad Dream in Adidas' World Cup Anthem Via 'City of God' Director Meirelles Interactive (image) May 27, 2014
Old Spice Hair Plays Huey Lewis Tunes For You Interactive (image) Feb 18, 2014
Eerie David & Goliath Tale Marks Maserati's Super Bowl Debut Video Jan 31, 2014
Budweiser: Return of the King -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Coca-Cola: Catch -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 27, 2012
Sprite: Re- Imagined Video Mar 22, 2011
Lego: The Brick Thief Video Jan 03, 2011
Old Spice: Boat Video Jul 08, 2010
Old Spice: Questions Video Jun 30, 2010
Dodge: Freedom Video Jun 11, 2010
Dodge: Man's Last Stand Video Feb 05, 2010
Coca-Cola: Sleepwalker Video Feb 03, 2010

Music Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
BMW: Astronaut Video Jun 19, 2015
Coca-Cola: Siege Video Feb 06, 2011


Title Medium Date
Dodge Dart: How to Change Cars Forever Video Jul 10, 2012
Procter & Gamble: What I See Video May 02, 2011
Hyundai: Anachronistic City Video Jan 27, 2011
Nike: Rise Video Oct 26, 2010
P&G: Never Walk Alone Video Feb 22, 2010