Chris Sonia

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Don't Go Camping Without a Trusted Battery, Warns Duracell's Latest Spot Video May 16, 2017

2D Compositing

Title Medium Date
Best of 2015 #8 TV/Film: A Mom's Social Media Post Shatters Lives in AT&T's Gut-Wrenching Ad Video Jul 20, 2015

2D Lead

Title Medium Date
Dead Mouse Theater: Leprechaun Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mouse Theater: Fitzy Gibbons Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mice Become Stage Actors in Surreal Ads for Mouse Poison Video Oct 07, 2014

2D Lead Artist

Title Medium Date
Duracell Shows How Very Bad Things Can Happen -- When a Toy Battery Fails Video Aug 07, 2017


Title Medium Date
NBA: So Happy Together Video Dec 27, 2011

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
AT&T Kicks Off Major Campaign Encompassing Smart Cars, Connected Homes Video Jan 11, 2016

Lead Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
LeBron James Does Not Tell Fans to Drink Sprite in New Ads Video Oct 12, 2016

Lead Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
NBA: BIG - Miami Heat Video May 14, 2012