Clan VFX

Post and Production

Title Medium Date
Ducoco: Gymnastics Video May 08, 2015
Ducoco: Weight Video May 08, 2015

Post House

Title Medium Date
Chocolate Gives People Insane Ideas in a Funny Spot From Brazil Video Sep 29, 2015
Skol Ultra Portrays the Unglamorous Lives of Everyday Athletes Who Still Like a Beer Video Sep 24, 2015
This Dreamy Brazilian Beer Ad Was Shot Entirely Underwater Video Oct 24, 2014
Nike Uses Ayrton Senna's Words to Inspire Young Brazilians Video Jun 16, 2014

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
This Cool Fashion Film About a Sleepwalking Adventure Makes Pajamas Look Badass Video Sep 06, 2017
The Most Moving Set of Stock Footage You'll Ever See Video May 14, 2013

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Nestle Goes All 'Alice in Wonderland' in This Easter Chocolate Spot From Brazil Video Mar 02, 2018
This Anti-Trolling Telecom Spot Asks Viewers to Rethink Social Media Meanness Video Jan 17, 2018
This Renault Ad Imagines a Gorilla Romancing a Human Woman Video Dec 01, 2017
Trump's Wall Inspires Diego Luna and Fellow Mexicans to Break Barriers Video Nov 07, 2016
O Boticário: Beautiful Ex Video Feb 01, 2016
Soccer Pros Turn into Rock Stars for Budweiser's 'Greatest Show on Earth' Video Jun 11, 2014
Trident: Pet Shop Video Oct 24, 2012

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Fiat: Personality Video Mar 23, 2015

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Nissan Weaves an Epic Tale of a Drought-Ridden Village, a Rain Cloud and a Truck Video Apr 03, 2017

Visual Effects Production Company

Title Medium Date
Veja Magazine: Fishes Video May 31, 2016