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Title Medium Date
Spotify: Love What You Love - Car Video May 15, 2018
Spotify: Love What You Love - Meadow Video May 15, 2018
Yoplait Says Drop the Judgment, 'Mom On,' and Eat Some Yogurt Video Jun 20, 2017
Meet Frank and Marty, Fishing Buddies With an Unusual Set of Skills Video May 18, 2016
Martin Sorrell Does Nothing But Read the WSJ in This Pre-Roll Ad Video Oct 26, 2015
Wall Street Journal: Make Time - Karlie Kloss Video Oct 26, 2015
Under Armour Puts the Focus on Laces in its First Global Soccer Campaign Video Sep 22, 2015
Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck: Thug Kitchen Cookbook Video Sep 26, 2014
Experience the Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed Video Aug 20, 2013


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Guinness: Made of Black - Wisdom Video Mar 05, 2018
Guinness: Made of Black - Tabitha Video Mar 05, 2018
Guinness: Made of Black - Lioness Video Mar 05, 2018
Soccer Helps Africans Overcome Adversity in Guinness 'Made of Black' Ads Video Mar 05, 2018
This Chilling Short Film About a Suicidal Gay Teen Will Make You Contemplate the Value of Art Video Aug 26, 2016
Xfinity Launches Comedy Web Series With 'Catastrophe' Creator Sharon Horgan Video Jun 21, 2016

Color Correction

Title Medium Date
Pixonic: Walking War Robots Video Jul 05, 2016

Final Color

Title Medium Date
Panasonic: Toughbook 54 Video Feb 26, 2015


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Amy Schumer Is a Terrible Babysitter in Old Navy's Back-to-School Campaign Video Aug 01, 2016
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kumail Nanjiani Take Snoop Dogg Hostage in Old Navy's Holiday Film Video Nov 20, 2015
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is a Helmet-Haired Rich Mom in Funny Old Navy Spots Video Aug 04, 2015
Old Navy: Picture Day Video Aug 04, 2015

Telecine Company

Title Medium Date
Wieden & Kennedy New York Debuts First Work for Fox Sports Video Aug 10, 2017