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Title Medium Date
Best Buy unveils rebranding that was a year in the making Video May 09, 2018
Facebook's apology tour continues in nationwide ad campaign Video Apr 25, 2018
The Breath of Athletes Drives an Intense Nike Tale Video Feb 12, 2018
Kendall Jenner Is a Sci-Fi Boticelli's Venus in Latest Adidas 'My Way' Ad Video Aug 10, 2017
Timberland PRO: Crash Video Sep 20, 2016
A Stunt-Riding Biker Trashes a Workplace in Timberland Pro Spot Video Sep 20, 2016
BMW's Latest 'Ultimate Driving Machine' Is a Paralympian's Wheelchair Video Aug 01, 2016
Café de Colombia: Liftoff #GreatnessIsBrewing Video Jul 25, 2016
Yelp: We Know Just the Place Video Jun 06, 2016
Yelp, Inc.: We Know Just the Place Video Sep 23, 2015
Men's Wearhouse: Coming Home Video Jun 18, 2015
Teen Lives out his Future in Category-defying Banking Spot Video Jun 10, 2014

Color Correction

Title Medium Date
Acura: Baudette - Precision Winter Performance Video Apr 06, 2016

Color Services

Title Medium Date
Newport Beach Film Festival: Skeet Art Video Apr 06, 2015


Title Medium Date
Motel 6: Room to Room Video Nov 09, 2015
PowerShares: Ideas Video Aug 22, 2008


Title Medium Date
United Way of Southeastern Michigan: United Way for Southeastern Michigan's Video Jun 19, 2015
Ford F-150: Forward March Video Feb 17, 2015
Wilkinson Sword: Mow the Lawn Video Apr 03, 2009
McDonald's: Singing Fish Video Mar 31, 2009
Liberty Mutual: Pilot Video Mar 31, 2009
Dick's Sporting Goods: Pitching Machine Video Feb 18, 2009
Brand Jordan: Look Me In The Eyes Video Feb 19, 2008
The Learning Channel: Mom/Girlfriend Video Mar 27, 2007
The Learning Channel: Distracted Video Mar 27, 2007
The Learning Channel: Manfort Video Mar 27, 2007
Cherry Coke: Downpour Video Feb 14, 2007
The Learning Channel: Power of Santa Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: Xmas Pain Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: Anthem Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: In-Laws Video Nov 09, 2006

Finishing Company

Title Medium Date
Hello Flo Is Back and Throws a Hilarious Period Party Video Jun 19, 2014


Title Medium Date
Charter Business: Unprofessional Video Jul 28, 2009

Post House/Telecine

Title Medium Date
Cheerios' Multiracial Family Returns for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2014

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Maidens Video Jun 26, 2013
Who is Captain Morgan? His Crew Speaks Video Jun 26, 2013
Meet the Crew - Film Teaser Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Navigator Video Jun 26, 2013

Post Production

Title Medium Date

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
BMW: The Road Home Video Dec 13, 2012


Title Medium Date
Dollar Shave Club's new campaign shows CEO stuffing toilet paper down there Video Jul 11, 2018
Teaching Is Exciting! Ad Council Fights National Teacher Shortage Video Aug 29, 2017
Barnardo's: Camping Video Aug 29, 2017
Is Your Super Bowl Ad a Ridiculous Ill-Judged Gamble? Video Feb 01, 2016
These Annoying Millennials Actually Have an Important Message for You Video Nov 18, 2015
Diamond of California: Made for Homemade Video Oct 27, 2015
Ebates: Check Writer Video Jul 09, 2015
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Goes 'Cray Cray' Playing the Supreme Court Justices Video May 29, 2015
Everybody Dance Now! Zumba Debuts Its First-Ever TV Spot Video Sep 05, 2014
Godzilla is Actually a Really Fun Guy When He's Not Hungry, According to Snickers Video Feb 28, 2014
Kia Soul: Bringing Down the House Video Aug 30, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Suit Up Video Apr 11, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Maze Video Jan 04, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Jack in the Box Video Jan 04, 2012
Old Spice: Motorcycle Video Nov 21, 2011
Jameson: Hawk of Achill Video Oct 04, 2011

Telecine Company

Title Medium Date
: This Summer Joel Embiid Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Evander Holyfield Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Deadpool & David Beckham Video May 15, 2018
Messi, Beckham and Deadpool prepare for the chaos of the World Cup Video May 15, 2018
: Men Become Gods Video May 15, 2018
: Everything Becomes Not Enough Video May 15, 2018
: EPIC Ronaldo vs. Messi Video May 15, 2018
: A Curse Becomes A Challenge Video May 15, 2018
OtterBox: Backpack Video Aug 15, 2017
OtterBox: S'mores Video Aug 15, 2017
A Giant Otter Protects Peyton Manning in Otterbox's Gloriously Silly Ads Video Aug 15, 2017
Unistraw: Baby Teeth Video Jun 16, 2015
Kogi Chef Roy Choi 'Purees Leprechaun' for St. Paddy's Day Burrito in New Google Glass Film Video Mar 14, 2014
Kid With a Combover Shows How Jell-O Pudding Makes Life Less Crappy Video Aug 13, 2013
ESPN: Born Into It Video Dec 07, 2012


Title Medium Date
NBA: Draft Video Jun 10, 2016