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Burger King's Really Bad Service Gives Customers a Lesson in Net Neutrality Video Jan 23, 2018
Burger King: Burger King Grilled Dogs Whopper Sign Video Apr 13, 2016
Burger King's The King Finally Breaks His Silence -- With Sign Language Video Apr 13, 2016

Editing Company

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Olivia Wilde Plays a Girl With Down Syndrome in Eye-Opening Film Video Mar 16, 2016

Editing House

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Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Family Portrait Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Look at My Baby Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Perfectionist Mom Video Nov 05, 2015
The Crazy Families in Hallmark's Holiday Campaign Are So Real Video Nov 05, 2015


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A Postcard Hints at a Possibly Sordid Tale in Latest From Las Vegas Visitors Convention Authority Video Aug 29, 2016


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Burger King: Chocolate Whopper Video Mar 30, 2018
These Quirky Napkin Ads Reveal Some Funny Truths About Eating Habits Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Pot Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Noodles Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Wings Video Aug 03, 2017
This Prosthetic 'Package' Tries to Address the Gender Pay Gap Video Mar 08, 2016
GMC: Only For GMC Video Oct 02, 2015
A Powerful Threat Descends on Metropolis in New Playstation 4 Spot Video Mar 07, 2014
Smartwater: The Jennifer Aniston Security Tapes Video Sep 18, 2012

Editorial Company

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A Snow Globe Makes a Child's Wishes Come True in Lincoln's Holiday Spot Video Dec 13, 2017
Best of 2016 No. 10 Print/OOH/Design -- Burger King Tries to Scare Customers by Dressing Up as McDonald's for Halloween Video Oct 26, 2016
Will Coffee-mate's New Marketing Exec Be Eaten Alive? Video Oct 23, 2015
Miss Piggy and Kermit Power Lunch in Emmy-Themed Audi Film Video Sep 16, 2015
Powerade's Powerful Spot Recreates Jimmy Graham's Tough Childhood Video Sep 14, 2015
Nike Puts You in Neymar's Shoes on the Soccer Pitch With VR Experience Interactive (image) Jul 10, 2015
'Breaking Bad' Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite for Hilarious Emmys Promo Video Aug 20, 2014
Are the Manning Brothers Cool Enough to Rap? Video Aug 07, 2013
Comcast: Date Night Video May 24, 2012
Comcast: Vignette Video May 24, 2012
Barnardo's: Grandma Video Nov 01, 2011
Captain Morgan: Text Message Video Jul 10, 2008
NHL: Raise Video May 28, 2008
Dell: Faces Video May 06, 2008
Burger King: Kickn Chicken Video Nov 30, 2007
HP: Gwen Stefani's Say Video Nov 30, 2007
Burger King: CEO to CEO Video Nov 30, 2007


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Burger King's Really Bad Service Gives Customers a Lesson in Net Neutrality Video Jan 23, 2018

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Norelco: I'd Beach Me Video Apr 16, 2013
Would You F**K You? Video Apr 16, 2013
Norelco: Interactive (image) Apr 16, 2013

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