Craig Sklaver

Content Producer

Title Medium Date
Brooklyn Water Fountain Likes to Chat With People While They Drink Video Aug 27, 2014

Producer Assistant

Title Medium Date
Xerox: Business of Your Brain Interactive (image) May 03, 2011
Xerox: Vacuum Video Sep 03, 2010
Xerox: Ducati Wind Tunnel Video Sep 03, 2010
Xerox: Poor Choice of Words Video Sep 03, 2010

Senior Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
A Neighborhood Basketball Hoop Rains Money in This New York Lottery Stunt Video Mar 29, 2017
Cute Alert: Tommee Tippee Pairs Orphan Animals With Smart Packaging Idea Video Jul 25, 2016

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date

TV Producer

Title Medium Date
Hillshire Farm: So American, You Can Taste It Print (image) May 28, 2014