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Title Medium Date
Real Eagles Go Head to Head With Real Panthers in Amazon's Latest Thursday Night Football Spot Video Oct 09, 2017
(Real) Bears and Packers Play Ball in Amazon's Funny Thursday Night Football Ad Video Sep 12, 2017
Jose Cuervo Streamed From L.A. Water Fountains for National Tequila Day Print (image) Jul 25, 2017
Jose Cuervo: National Tequila Day Print (image) Jul 25, 2017
Kobe Bryant Pranks Shaquille O'Neal in Spot for 'NBA2K18' Video May 08, 2017
A Pianist Moonlights as a Boxer in This Stylish Spot for 1800 Tequila Video Mar 21, 2017
Jose Cuervo Says 'Tomorrow Is Overrated' in Brand Campaign Out of CP&B Video Mar 05, 2017
Brad Hall, Master of 'Boring' YouTube Sneaker Reviews, Unboxes Venmo's Enhanced Payment App Video Jul 26, 2016
PayPal Makes Its Super Bowl Debut With Kinetic Ad About 'New Money' Video Feb 04, 2016
Is Christmas Canceled This Year? These Boys Fear Yes (PayPal Says No) Video Nov 06, 2015
This Ad for Home-Automation System Wemo Will (Improbably) Make You Go 'Aww' Video Oct 27, 2014
An Emmy Speech Without The Win Interactive (image) Sep 23, 2013
Volkswagen (Canada): Safety Engineers Video Mar 01, 2007
Volkswagen: Poet Video Feb 13, 2007
Volkswagen: Jumper Video Feb 13, 2007
Volkswagen: Apocalypse Video Feb 13, 2007
Burger King: BK's Subservient Chicken Explodes Interactive (image) May 18, 2004
Borders: DIY DVD Packaging Print (image) Feb 04, 2004
Barnardo's: Maid Video Nov 19, 2003
MINI: Breeze Video May 20, 2003
Fine Living Network: Not Home Video Nov 04, 2002
Fine Living Network: Office Video Nov 04, 2002