Danny Yoon

3D Artist

Title Medium Date
'30 Rock' Characters Jenna and Kenneth Reunite in an Ad for Verizon Video May 20, 2016
Football Pros and Other Celebs Play in Nike's Spectacular World Cup Pick-Up Game Video Apr 25, 2014
Audi's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Doberhuahua, Sarah McLachlan Video Jan 27, 2014
Sarah McLachlan Returns To Plead About the Life of a (Fictional) Doggie Video Jan 23, 2014

CG Producer

Title Medium Date
Life Is Hard, but Your Taxes Don't Have to Be, Says Turbotax's Brand Campaign Video Jan 06, 2015


Title Medium Date
HP: Pharrell Video Jul 28, 2006
HP: Mark Cuban Video Jul 13, 2006
HP: Mark Burnett Video Jul 13, 2006


Title Medium Date
NCAA: Ambidextrous Video Mar 23, 2009


Title Medium Date
IBM: Data Energy Video Apr 14, 2010
IBM: Data Transportation Video Apr 14, 2010

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
RESFEST: Trailer Video Sep 08, 2004

Lead Compositor

Title Medium Date
Weezer: Pork and Beans Video May 29, 2008
O2: Oxygen Video May 21, 2008
Lexus: Perfectly Aligned Video Mar 13, 2008
Sears: Chapters Video Jun 12, 2007
Exxon Mobil: Swing Video Apr 26, 2007
Exxon Mobil: Eraser Video Apr 26, 2007

Online Artist

Title Medium Date
Sears: Pages Video Jun 12, 2007

Visual Effects Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Conrad Hotels & Resorts: Metamorphosis Video May 11, 2012