Darcy Parsons

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
An Iraqi Boy Fleeing Conflict Is Inspired by Rio's Refugee Athletes Video Aug 04, 2016
Best of 2014 #3 TV/Film: Beats Breaks World Cup Campaign Starring Neymar, LeBron and Apple Video Jun 05, 2014
Brooks Brothers: Holiday Miracle Video Dec 01, 2011
Xbox: The Kinect Effect Video Nov 04, 2011
Nissan Leaf: Value of Zero Video Apr 20, 2011
American Recordings/Lost Highway: The Johnny Cash Project Interactive (image) Apr 05, 2010
History Channel: Hindenburg Video Jul 07, 2004
History Channel: Normandy Video Jul 07, 2004
History Channel: Berlin Video Jul 07, 2004

Executive Producer of Sound

Title Medium Date
Sprint: Manning's Mind Video Sep 11, 2007

Owner/Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Hey, Boys Can Play With Barbie Dolls Too! (Especially Moschino Barbie) Video Nov 17, 2015

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Hummer: H to the 3 Video Feb 17, 2006

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Garmin: Napoleon Video Feb 01, 2008