Dave Canning


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ESPN: Born Into It Video Dec 07, 2012
Jordan Brand: This is Where it Starts Video Aug 03, 2012
ESPN: Team Spirit Video Aug 01, 2012
ESPN: The Name Video Apr 16, 2012
ESPN: Shake on It Video Jan 09, 2012
ESPN: Plumber Video Aug 23, 2011
ESPN: Animal Control Video Aug 23, 2011


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This Man Has Sweet Dance Moves, And Doesn't Mind if You Watch Video Sep 06, 2013

Creative Director

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Barton F. Graf 9000 Creates Clash of Clans' Epic Commercial Debut Video Jan 08, 2014

Creative Director/ Copywriter

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Hurricanes Should be Named after Michele Bachmann and Marco Rubio, Says 350 Action Video Aug 26, 2013

Creative Team

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Cellular South: Head2Head Trailer Video Oct 19, 2009
Cellular South: Y'All vs. Us Video Oct 19, 2009

Executive Creative Director

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Black Forest just made a hilarious, suggestive ad for....gummies? Video Apr 26, 2018
A Badass Heroine (Literally) Fights Feminine Stereotypes in This Unusual Beauty Ad Video Nov 03, 2017
Revere Targets Millennials With a Steamy, Other-Worldly Take on Making Dinner Video Oct 24, 2017
Amstel Imagines a Charming Village Where Everybody Knows Your Name Video Jul 07, 2016
'Unfair' Baby Names Like Moonbeam Are the Latest Target for Moyee Coffee Video May 16, 2016
Moyee Coffee: Moyee Is Fairer Than Life Print (image) May 13, 2016
Replay Makes a 'Mind-Blowing' Ad About Working Out in Denim Video Nov 02, 2015
DHL: DHL Bayern Munich Campaign Unveiled Video Jun 01, 2015

Executive Creative Director/Production

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Moyee Coffee: End of Days Video Feb 25, 2016
Life's a B*tch, But at Least Your Coffee Is Fairtrade, Says Latest From Moyee Video Feb 25, 2016
Athletes Get Sweaty, Muddy and Messy in Asics Spot Highlighting Hard Graft Video Feb 18, 2016
Benetton Uses Ethnicity Data to Create Computer-Generated 'Models' Print (image) Feb 05, 2016