Dave Gibson

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Mountain Dew: Pitch Black Interactive (image) Sep 10, 2004

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Geico: Zip Line Video Jan 06, 2012
X Games: Foil the X Games Interactive (image) Jul 02, 2008


Title Medium Date
Got Milk: Elizabeth Binder Video Oct 06, 2015
Got Milk: Senor Sisig Video Oct 06, 2015
Got Milk? Throws a Foodie Spectacular in Latest Campaign Video Sep 30, 2015


Title Medium Date
Folgers: Happy Morning Video Jun 08, 2006

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Karate Is Therapy for Moving House in Latest From Geico Video Mar 19, 2018
Benjamin Moore: Baby's Room Video Mar 25, 2015
Benjamin Moore: Tough Plant Video Mar 25, 2015
Clueless Puppets Give Bad Home Improvement Advice in Ads for Benjamin Moore Video Mar 25, 2015
Mountain Dew: Code Red Interactive (image) May 24, 2006
Pepsi: Ringtones Interactive (image) May 18, 2006
Mountain Dew: Frawg Challenge Interactive (image) Mar 23, 2006

Creative Director/ Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Painters and Contractors Get The Fright of Their Lives in Benjamin Moore Stunt Video Oct 16, 2013


Title Medium Date
Sky TV: 60 Things in 60 Seconds Video Mar 21, 2011