Dave Rocco

Global Head of Artist and Label Marketing

Title Medium Date
Professor Cardi B schools singing students on the art of ad-libs in latest from Spotify Video Apr 09, 2018

Music Director

Title Medium Date
Sprint's New Pitchman Is Verizon's 'Can You Hear Me Now' Guy Video Jun 06, 2016
Snapple Has Fun With Obscure Trivia in Quirky Spots Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Telegraph Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: King of Hearts Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Dolphin Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Bees Video May 19, 2016
Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is Bigger Than Tinder, Man-Buns and...Football? Video Feb 07, 2016
Toilet Paper Makes for Tears in Angel Soft's Grandparents-Themed Ad Video Nov 16, 2015
Bacon Lovers, Is This the Mall of Your Dreams? Video Jul 21, 2015
Volkswagen: Unleash Your Rrrr (Tanner Foust Demo) Interactive (image) Jul 13, 2015
You Will Embarrass Yourself Interacting With VW's Latest Digital Campaign Interactive (image) Jul 13, 2015
Angel Soft Pays Tribute to Single Moms on Father's Day Video Jun 18, 2015
Taco Bell Encourages Breakfast Eaters to Defect From Their 'Routine Republic' Video Mar 23, 2015
Adorable Mop Dog Stars in Dr Pepper's Newest Ad Video Jan 13, 2015
Gary Oldman and HTC Dare You to 'Ask the Internet' Video Mar 25, 2014
Taco Bell: Nate Robinson's XXL Life Video Mar 04, 2014

Music Supervision

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell: Viva Young -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 29, 2013

Music Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Real Ronald McDonalds Shill Taco Bell Breakfast Video Mar 27, 2014
Eat Taco Bell, Get to Destroy Killer Robots on Playstation Video Sep 27, 2013
Taco Bell Sets World Afire in Ad for New Doritos Locos Taco Video Aug 27, 2013
A Midnight Drive is Extraordinary Sunny in a Volkswagen Beetle Video May 24, 2013
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013