David Leinheardt

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Chobani Stresses the Power of Goodness In Olympics Push Video Jul 06, 2016
Adam Lambert Fronts Tune for Oreo's Global 'Open Up' Ad Promoting Diversity Video Jan 19, 2016
A Grumpy Tree Ornament Reconnects With Wonder in Oreo's Holiday Spot Video Nov 16, 2015
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Cow Video May 07, 2015
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Kids Video May 07, 2015
Family Life Is a Beautiful Mess in Chobani's Uplifting Campaign Video May 07, 2015
A Waitress Embarks on a Mysterious Chase Through Stunning Rome in Martini's Relaunch Film Video Oct 26, 2014
Oreo's Newest 'Wonderfilled' Execution Goes Mini with Chromeo Video Jun 23, 2014
The Alcohol Ad that All Alcohol Ads Should Aspire to is #6 in Our Best of Film Video Nov 14, 2013

Managing Director

Title Medium Date
Pampers Introduces a Very Special Diaper for the World's Smallest Babies Video Nov 08, 2017
This Chilling Short Film About a Suicidal Gay Teen Will Make You Contemplate the Value of Art Video Aug 26, 2016
Thomas Jane Plays the 'World's Biggest Asshole' in This Very Surprising Film Video Aug 04, 2016
Keep Track of Gigi Hadid in BMW's Interactive Film Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Water Video Feb 29, 2016
Was William H. Macy's Star-Studded Samsung Galaxy Ad Real or Just a VR Simulation? Video Feb 29, 2016
Craig Robinson Reworks Christmas Songs for Walmart Shoppers in Holiday Spots Video Nov 06, 2015
Walmart: Holiday Boyfriend Video Nov 06, 2015