Doug Luka

3D Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Motorola: Capsule Video Mar 03, 2011
Motorola: Vendetta Video Mar 03, 2011

CG Artist

Title Medium Date
FedEx: Carpet Video Nov 01, 2006

CG Supervisor

Title Medium Date
DirecTV: Questions Video Jul 18, 2012

Method Studios

Title Medium Date
This PSA Lets You See Gender Bias Projected (Literally) Onto a Newborn Video Oct 03, 2017

Technical Director

Title Medium Date
AT&T: Warriors Video May 12, 2010

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Michel Gondry Brings a Touch of Magic to Delivery Networks in FedEx's Latest Ad Video Mar 29, 2017
It's 'Raining Octopuses' in GE's New Ad Video May 11, 2016
The Manning Brothers Reprise Rap Star Roles for DirecTV Video Aug 11, 2014
Mike's Hard Lemonade Takes a Page from DirecTV's Book in New Spots Video May 24, 2013
DirecTV: Motorcycle Video Jan 07, 2013