Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Krylon: Chair Video Jul 07, 2015
Krylon: WateringCan Video Jul 07, 2015
Yard Sale Upcycling Gets Competitive in Humorous Spots for Krylon Video Jul 07, 2015

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Stella's Festive Spot Explains the Story of its Birth as a Holiday Gift Video Nov 04, 2015

Audio Record and Mix

Title Medium Date
These Deisel 'Knock-Offs' Are Way Better Than Fakes Video Feb 12, 2018


Title Medium Date
Thomas Jane Plays the 'World's Biggest Asshole' in This Very Surprising Film Video Aug 04, 2016
This Upscale Lingerie Boutique Named 'Frut' Is Not All That It Seems Video Jul 18, 2016
Chobani Stresses the Power of Goodness In Olympics Push Video Jul 06, 2016
American Express: A Doggie Shopping Spree with Tina Fey Video Mar 01, 2016
American Express: Tina Fey Living The Dream At The Supermarket Video Mar 01, 2016
Tina Fey Brings Her Wit to Workouts in Latest Amex Spot Video Mar 01, 2016
NYU Langone Medical Center: Everyday Athletes Video Mar 18, 2015
NYU Langone Medical Center: Melting Pot Video Mar 18, 2015
A Waitress Embarks on a Mysterious Chase Through Stunning Rome in Martini's Relaunch Film Video Oct 26, 2014
Dick's Emotional Marketing Takes a Turn for the Real with 'Sports Matter' Video Mar 05, 2014
Dick's Sporting Goods: LAX Video Mar 05, 2014
The Alcohol Ad that All Alcohol Ads Should Aspire to is #6 in Our Best of Film Video Nov 14, 2013
Comcast: Vignette Video May 24, 2012
Comcast: Date Night Video May 24, 2012
Exxon Mobil: Eraser Video Apr 26, 2007
Exxon Mobil: Swing Video Apr 26, 2007
Samsung: Mystery Video Oct 17, 2005
Samsung: Summer Picnic Video Oct 17, 2005
Snapple: Fly Hard Video May 12, 2004
Snapple: The Wig Video May 12, 2004
Snapple: The Robot Video May 12, 2004
CDC: Immersion Video Aug 01, 2002
CDC: Verb Video Aug 01, 2002
CDC: Heartbeat Video Aug 01, 2002
U.S. Mint: Washington Video Mar 19, 2000

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Craig Robinson Reworks Christmas Songs for Walmart Shoppers in Holiday Spots Video Nov 06, 2015
Walmart: Holiday Boyfriend Video Nov 06, 2015
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Cow Video May 07, 2015
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Kids Video May 07, 2015
Family Life Is a Beautiful Mess in Chobani's Uplifting Campaign Video May 07, 2015
MTV Switch: Faces Video Jun 14, 2007
Pepperidge Farm: Leaving Home Video Jan 10, 2006
Reebok: Wrapshear Video Aug 08, 2005
Microsoft/Intel: Digital Joy Video Nov 05, 2004
Snapple: Bachelorette Party Video Apr 14, 2003
Snapple: Wedding Video Apr 14, 2003
Snapple: Bouncing Car Video Apr 14, 2003
Merrell: Run Wild Video Nov 20, 2002
New York City Tourism: Cheers Video Oct 23, 2002

Music Production

Title Medium Date
Revlon: Cinema Video Apr 13, 2004

Original Music

Title Medium Date
Oreo: Mel's Mini Mini Mart Video Jun 23, 2014
Oreo's Newest 'Wonderfilled' Execution Goes Mini with Chromeo Video Jun 23, 2014

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Delta deploys mom lookalikes to get Seattle-dwelling kids to visit home Video Aug 16, 2018

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Delta is teaming up with Equinox for gym classes to beat jetlag Video Jul 03, 2018

Virtual Reality Music Company

Title Medium Date
Keep Track of Gigi Hadid in BMW's Interactive Film Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2016