Ed Koenig

Color Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Johnsonville goes All-American with its latest staffer-created ads Video May 14, 2018


Title Medium Date
Old Navy: Jack Ash Video Aug 08, 2011
Old Navy: Supar Tool Video Jun 07, 2011

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
CVS Takes a Deep Breath -- and Quits Selling Cigarettes Video Sep 03, 2014
Wedding Tradition Pisses Off Groom in Deutsch L.A.'s Latest for VW Video May 31, 2013

Executive Producer of Color

Title Medium Date
Robots Mock a Verizon Customer in Sprint's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 01, 2018


Title Medium Date
Mail Boxes Etc: Newspaper Video Feb 27, 2001
Mail Boxes Etc: Dumpster Video Feb 27, 2001