Emma Wilcockson

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Toyota helps you gatecrash in playful new campaign for the Avalon Video Jul 20, 2018
Infiniti wins grudging respect from a grumpy German racing driver Video Jul 17, 2018
Dollar Shave Club's new campaign shows CEO stuffing toilet paper down there Video Jul 11, 2018
Spotify: Love What You Love - Chase Love Video May 15, 2018
Spotify targets free users with scares and laughs in biggest global campaign to date Video May 15, 2018
Robots Mock a Verizon Customer in Sprint's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 01, 2018
Steven Tyler Reverses and Finds Youth Again in Kia's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 31, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Sandwich Video Jan 24, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Puppet Video Jan 24, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Floating Video Jan 24, 2018
David Schwimmer Wears a Lot of Wigs in Skittles' Super Bowl Ad (That You Won't Get to See) Video Jan 24, 2018
Skittles Is Making a Super Bowl Ad for Only One Person Video Jan 16, 2018
A Simple Present Lights Up a Girl and Boy's Christmas in Macy's Emotional Holiday Tale Video Nov 14, 2017
Macy's Tugs at the Heartstrings While Laying Low in Holiday Ad From BBDO Video Nov 13, 2017
Mike Mills Directs Lush Film for LVMH Moet Hennessy's Lux Retail Platform Clos19 Video Nov 03, 2017
What Could Be Scarier Than Your Kid's Favorite Toy Not Working? Duracell Knows Video Oct 27, 2017
Pizza Hut: Kristen Wiig (30 second version) Video Jul 24, 2017
Kristen Wiig Is a Pizza Hut-Eating Bro, Businesswoman and Male Cheerleader Video Jul 24, 2017
Old Spice: Alpha Dawg Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Tragic Hair Video Jul 07, 2017
Moms Are Unimpressed With Marketing Gimmicks in Old Spice's Latest Campaign Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Shush Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Changes Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Invisible Boy Video Jul 07, 2017
2K Sports: WWE 2K17: Welcome To Suplex City Video Sep 27, 2016
Audi/Airbnb: Death Valley House Print (image) Sep 14, 2016
Audi Teams up With Airbnb for Stylish Emmy's Campaign Video Sep 14, 2016
'Love Has No Labels' Celebrates a Diverse America in Independence Day Ad Video Jul 04, 2016
Old Spice: Five Year Plan Video Jun 28, 2016
Old Spice: Innocent Video Jun 27, 2016
Old Spice: Perfect Ending Video Jun 27, 2016
Old Spice Puts a Surreal, Hilarious Spin on Movie Cliches in Latest Spots Video Jun 27, 2016
SAP: Run Live With SAP - Karate Video May 23, 2016
SAP Shows How Businesses Are 'Live' in the Digital Economy Video May 23, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Mobile App Letgo Pokes Fun at People's Irrational Attachments to Stuff Video Feb 08, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Why Can't This Astronaut Get Rid of the Amp He's Had Since High School? Video Feb 08, 2016
U.S. Bank: The Power of Possible Video Jan 25, 2016
A Couple Explores Their Invisible Future Home in This Spot From U.S. Bank Video Jan 25, 2016
Kia Motors: Newspaper Video Nov 02, 2015
The Crowd Goes Wild -- No, Really Wild -- in Insane Nike/Footlocker Spot Video Aug 13, 2015
Boardwalk Empire's Stephen Graham 'CODnaps' Would-Be Gamers for Call of Duty Video Jan 21, 2014
Best of 2014 #4 TV/Film: Moms Lament Their Sons Reaching Manhood for Old Spice Video Jan 06, 2014
Beat the Pants off LeBron and Serena to Celebrate 25 Years of Nike's 'Just Do It' Video Aug 21, 2013
Twix: Merger Video Feb 08, 2013
Twix: Ideologies Video Jul 16, 2012
Halo 4: The Commissioning (Short Version) Video Jun 07, 2012
Halo 4: The Commissioning Video Jun 05, 2012
Dow: Bread Video Mar 27, 2012
Dow: Train Video Mar 23, 2012
Carmax: Gas Station Video Feb 06, 2011

Line Producer

Title Medium Date
Dodge: Man's Last Stand Video Feb 05, 2010
Jordan Brand: Nightmares Never Sleep Video Feb 05, 2010
Pine-Sol: Visitor Video Oct 21, 2009
Nike: Alter Ego Video Sep 11, 2009
Barclays: Fake Video Jul 07, 2009
Acura: Bullet Video Sep 22, 2008
Acura: Dive Video Sep 22, 2008
Acura: Fist Video Sep 22, 2008
JC Penney: Magic Video Sep 24, 2007


Title Medium Date
Orbit: Pants Video Aug 14, 2017
Gatorade G2: Float Video Mar 12, 2010
Coca-Cola: It's Mine Video Feb 01, 2008
Lexus: Hospital Video Mar 07, 2007
Lexus: Hydrant Video Mar 07, 2007