Endy Hedman

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Football Pros and Other Celebs Play in Nike's Spectacular World Cup Pick-Up Game Video Apr 25, 2014
Comedy Central: Hawks Video Jan 08, 2013
Comedy Central LatAm: Siesta Video Aug 13, 2012
Nike: Bottled Courage Video Jul 22, 2008

Agency Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Nike Puts You in Neymar's Shoes on the Soccer Pitch With VR Experience Interactive (image) Jul 10, 2015

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Old Spice Debuts An Ad in French During the Grammys--But What Does it Mean? Video Jan 28, 2018

Integrated Production Director

Title Medium Date
There's Nothing to See in Old Spice's Two-Hour 'Invisible Movie' Video Aug 25, 2017


Title Medium Date
Jenna Has a Nightmarish Streaming Experience in Verizon's Next '30 Rock' Spot Video May 23, 2016
'30 Rock' Characters Jenna and Kenneth Reunite in an Ad for Verizon Video May 20, 2016
Verizon: Turn Your Cell Phone Off Over the Holidays Sometimes, Will Ya? Video Dec 04, 2015
KFC's 'Lie Detector' Spot Is a Nod to Its (Creepy) Past Video Sep 14, 2015
KFC: Fun Loving Video Aug 17, 2015
KFC: Busy People Video Aug 17, 2015
KFC: Celebrity Colonel Video Aug 17, 2015
Life Is Hard, but Your Taxes Don't Have to Be, Says Turbotax's Brand Campaign Video Jan 06, 2015
Zone Out of Your Boring Family Dinners with Facebook Home Video Apr 15, 2013
Nike: Destiny Video Dec 07, 2012
Nike Running: Some Time Together Video Oct 21, 2011
Dodge: Fast Five-Period Piece Video Apr 06, 2011
Dodge: Kittens Video May 27, 2010
EA Games: Dante's Inferno - Hell Awaits Video Feb 02, 2010


Title Medium Date
Smirnoff: Night Graffiti Print (image) Dec 04, 2012