Eric Segal

Agency Executive Creative Director

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Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Barnardo's: Fatherhood -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
NFL: American Family Side by Side Comparison Video Feb 08, 2011
NFL: American Family Video Feb 06, 2011
Captain Morgan: 40 Pack Video Aug 31, 2009
Reebok: Migration Video Jul 24, 2008
Reebok: Your Move Video Apr 18, 2008

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Panera: Should Be Video Jun 24, 2015
Baseball Gets Personal in Anomaly's Real-Time Campaign for MLB Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB: Work Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB: Laugh Video Apr 06, 2015
MLB: Kids Video Apr 06, 2015
FKA Twigs Gyrates Her Way Through This Video With the Help of Google Glass Video Oct 21, 2014
Glass Explorer and WWF Researcher Sabita Malla Uses Glassware to Save Rhinos Video Apr 22, 2014
Budweiser Touts Its Place in Baseball History in Dramatic New Spot Video Apr 03, 2014
Dick's Emotional Marketing Takes a Turn for the Real with 'Sports Matter' Video Mar 05, 2014
Dick's Sporting Goods: LAX Video Mar 05, 2014
Athletes Explode in Latest for Dick's Sporting Goods Video Feb 21, 2014
Bud Gives Soldier a Homecoming He'll Never Forget, in Second Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 30, 2014
Budweiser's Clydesdales are Back for the Super Bowl -- This Time, With a Puppy Video Jan 29, 2014
Bud Teases Second Super Bowl Spot, 'Hero's Welcome' Video Jan 28, 2014
Google Shows How Google Glass Can Help Firefighters Do Their Job Video Jan 21, 2014
Mike's Hard Lemonade: Labor Day with Bear in a Bikini Video Jul 25, 2012
NFL: Timeline -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 06, 2012

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
Kogi Chef Roy Choi 'Purees Leprechaun' for St. Paddy's Day Burrito in New Google Glass Film Video Mar 14, 2014
Mike's Hard Lemonade: Hibachi Video May 24, 2013
Mike's Hard Lemonade Takes a Page from DirecTV's Book in New Spots Video May 24, 2013
NFL: Leon Sandcastle -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 31, 2013
NFL: Ticket Exchange Video Sep 25, 2012
Mike's Hard Lemonade: Bear in a Bikini Winners Video Sep 07, 2012
NFL: Kid Video Aug 09, 2012
NFL: Wind Beneath My Wings Video Jan 23, 2012
TNT: Wherever You Go Video Sep 16, 2011
TNT: Don't Miss a Second Video Sep 16, 2011