Eric Warzecha

Audio Mixer

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Is 72andSunny's First Adidas Work for China Making a Dig at Under Armour? Video Jan 12, 2017

Audio Record/Mix

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Little Caesars: Alan Varner Does Voices Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2013
Guess Who Hijacked Little Caesars' New Radio Ad Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2013


Title Medium Date
You Play the Killer in Tomcat's Halloween Facebook (Not) Live Experience Video Oct 27, 2016
Bai: El Guapo Video Sep 28, 2015
Bai: Marriage Video Sep 28, 2015
Nothing Makes Sense in These Zany Spots for Bai Video Sep 28, 2015
Dell: Stars Video Oct 23, 2012
Dell: Faces Video May 06, 2008

Mix Artist

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A School Shooting Is Tomorrow's News in Another Chilling PSA From Sandy Hook Promise Video Dec 11, 2017


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Wieden & Kennedy New York Debuts First Work for Fox Sports Video Aug 10, 2017
Vince Staples Mans a Carnival Stand in Spot for Sprite's 'Cold Lyrics' Summer Promotion Video Jun 23, 2017
LeBron James Does Not Tell Fans to Drink Sprite in New Ads Video Oct 12, 2016
Quilted Northern Created Mini Pop-Up Stores to Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day Video Aug 26, 2016
'My Boobs Are in the Way!' These Smart-Mouthed Girls Shine Light on an Important Cause Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Menses Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Boobs Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Beauty Video May 17, 2016
Young Athletes Make Real Decisions in Latest Dick's Sporting Goods Campaign Video Mar 04, 2015
It's Not Safe Anywhere. Good Thing You Have Dish. Video Jul 16, 2013
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Expert Advice Video May 30, 2012
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Moonlight in a Jar Video May 30, 2012
Quiznos: Laundromat Video May 02, 2008
Quiznos: Musician Video May 02, 2008
Quiznos: Dimes Video May 02, 2008
Quiznos: Chewing Video May 02, 2008

Sound Mix

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Remember That Moment in Your Life That Had a Perfect Soundtrack? Video Oct 07, 2014
Spotify: I'm a Drifter Again Video Oct 07, 2014
Don't Go Chasing Girls Video Oct 07, 2014

Sound Mixer

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xAd Inc.: Stop The Guesswork Interactive (image) Sep 21, 2015

TV Mix

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Campfire Video Aug 22, 2014
Poem Video Aug 22, 2014
ESPN'S Longhorn Network Pulls Some SportsCenter-Style Laughs Video Aug 22, 2014
Tour Video Aug 22, 2014