Erik Verheijen

Broadcast Director

Title Medium Date
FIFA 13: Join the Club Video Aug 31, 2012
EA Sports: Free Your Game Video Mar 07, 2012
Coca-Cola: The Great Happyfication Video Sep 16, 2011
Heineken: The Date - The Making Of... Video May 26, 2011
Heineken's "Legends" Campaign Takes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix Video May 26, 2011
Heineken: The Entrance--Best of 2011 TV #2 Video Jan 06, 2011

Head of Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
The Sun Never Stops Setting in This Epic, Globe-Circling Stunt by Watchmaker Citizen Video Oct 01, 2014
Heineken's Latest 'Legend' Explores Hong Kong on Another Wild Night Out Video May 12, 2014
Heineken Puts its Weight behind Dutch Team in Orange-themed Campaign Video May 01, 2014
The Non-Loneliness Of The Long Distance Female Traveler Video Apr 28, 2014
One-Legged Nico Calabria is the Star of Powerade's World Cup Spot Video Apr 16, 2014
Heineken Amps Up Its 'Legends' Campaign with 20-Faced Hero Video Jan 27, 2014
Nike: Write the Future - The Making Of... Video May 25, 2010
Nike: Write the Future-Cannes Film Grand Prix Winner Video May 20, 2010
Nike: Write the Future Teaser Video May 17, 2010
Nike: Mercurial Video Apr 01, 2010
Nike: Bezet Tape Attack (TV) Print (image) Dec 04, 2009
Nike: Bezet Tape Attack Print (image) Dec 04, 2009

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Coke Brings Green to Gray Office Park World With New Surprise Stunt Video Oct 01, 2013
Coca-Cola: Walls Video Mar 14, 2011


Title Medium Date
Nike: Write the Headline Interactive (image) Jun 25, 2010