Evan Mangiamele

Assistant Engineer

Title Medium Date
Planters: Behind the Scenes Video Nov 09, 2010
Planters: Holiday Card Video Nov 09, 2010
Planters: Holiday Party Video Nov 09, 2010

Assistant Mixer

Title Medium Date
Jameson: Hawk of Achill Video Oct 04, 2011
NFL: American Family Side by Side Comparison Video Feb 08, 2011
Mercedes-Benz: Welcome Video Feb 06, 2011
Budweiser: Wild West Video Feb 06, 2011
NFL: American Family Video Feb 06, 2011

Audio Record/Mix

Title Medium Date
Little Caesars: Alan Varner Does Voices Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2013
Guess Who Hijacked Little Caesars' New Radio Ad Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2013


Title Medium Date
Boom Beach's Villain Has a Broadway-Style Turn in This Animated Gaming Spot Video Jun 27, 2017
You Play the Killer in Tomcat's Halloween Facebook (Not) Live Experience Video Oct 27, 2016
Cigna Employs TV Doctors in Campaign to Help Save Real Lives Video Sep 08, 2016
A Refugee's Story Makes Olympic Glory More Poignant in Visa's Opening Ceremony Spot Video Aug 05, 2016


Title Medium Date
QuikTrip: Back from Vacation Video Mar 09, 2010


Title Medium Date
Yoplait Says Drop the Judgment, 'Mom On,' and Eat Some Yogurt Video Jun 20, 2017
'My Boobs Are in the Way!' These Smart-Mouthed Girls Shine Light on an Important Cause Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Menses Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Boobs Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Beauty Video May 17, 2016
Toyota Launches Its Mirai in a Nostalgic 'Back to the Future' Film Video Oct 21, 2015
Marty McFly and Doc Brown Reunite in Toyota Teaser as 'Future' Date Approaches Video Oct 14, 2015
Champs Sports: Game Loves an Audience Video Aug 25, 2014
Heineken Light: Out of Frame Video Jul 17, 2014
Neil Patrick Harris Can't Get His Drink on in New Heineken Light Campaign Video Jul 17, 2014
Heineken's Latest Social Experiment Gives Six Unsuspecting Souls the Evening of Their Lives Video Apr 02, 2014
Dish Teaches Boston as a Second Language in Online Videos Video Jul 30, 2013
Samsung Teams With Jay-Z For Album Download Offer Video Jun 17, 2013
Jordan Brand: This is Where it Starts Video Aug 03, 2012
Pepsi Max/Kyrie Irving: Drew Video May 23, 2012
Puma Social: Pump Up Video Jul 20, 2011
Barnardo's: Pathological Liar Video May 03, 2011
Barnardo's: Dirty Cops Video May 03, 2011
VH1: If You Like Video May 18, 2010
Tony Hawk Ride: Tony Hawk Viral Video Dec 04, 2009
Activision: Bike Hero Video Dec 30, 2008
Barnardo's: Microwave Video Jun 02, 2008

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Budweiser's Emotional Super Bowl Tale is #8 in Our Best of Film Video Jan 31, 2013
VH1: Fake Love Video May 18, 2011
QuikTrip: Back from Vacation Video Mar 09, 2010

Sound Design/Mixer

Title Medium Date
City Harvest: Apples Video Nov 23, 2009

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Dick's Pitches to the Heart in Holiday Campaign Video Nov 05, 2015

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
Twix: Y2K Video Aug 15, 2014
Twix: Dial Up Video Aug 15, 2014
Twix: '90s #TBT Print (image) Aug 15, 2014

Sound Mixer

Title Medium Date
VH1: Fake Love Video May 18, 2011