Evgeny Primachenko

Agency Copywriter

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Airline Finds Kids' Out-of-This-World Dream Destinations Right Here on Earth Video Mar 18, 2015


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Mesmerizing Furries -- and a Bud Bottle -- Are 'Infected' in AB InBev's Music Video Video Jul 18, 2016
EA Sports Asks Soccer Greats -- and a Llama -- to Pick a Dream Team Video Jan 08, 2016
Messi, Kobe and Pele Star in FIFA 16's Spectacular Operatic Ad Video Sep 17, 2015
Muscovites 'Steer' a Plane With Their Brainpower in Stunt by S7 Airlines Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2015
Netflix Can Electrify Your Love Life, Cheer Up Your Sulky Teen and More Video Jan 15, 2015
The Sun Never Stops Setting in This Epic, Globe-Circling Stunt by Watchmaker Citizen Video Oct 01, 2014
Citizen Takes Us on a Journey Through the History of Its Watchmaking Video Jul 29, 2014
These Heineken Posters Have Been to Space, 'Slept' with a French Actress, Played Tennis with Jimmy Connors Print (image) Apr 03, 2014
Ura.Ru: Make the Politicians Work Print (image) Sep 05, 2012
Cherkashin Meat Factory: Queue Video Aug 29, 2012
Cherkashin Meat Factory: Got It! Video Aug 29, 2012


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Embrace The Cold And Play Russian, Says Nike Video Dec 03, 2013

Creative Director

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Nike (Russia): Aleksandr Maltsev Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Nike Elena Fedoseeva Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Fedor Smolov Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike is decorating Russia's 'korobka' cages for the World Cup Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike Pays Tribute to F.C. Barcelona in a Spot Mimicking the City's Design Video Mar 12, 2018
A Cosmonaut Narrates This Epic Celebration of Planet Earth From S7 Airlines Video Oct 05, 2016

Creative Director

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A 'phantom' takes the soccer world by storm in Nike's action-packed ad Video Aug 13, 2018

Creative Director

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Nike asks Cristiano Ronaldo, 'What have you done for us lately?' Images Aug 29, 2018