Fergus Brown

Co-Managing Director

Title Medium Date
Airline Finds Kids' Out-of-This-World Dream Destinations Right Here on Earth Video Mar 18, 2015

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Even Ronaldo Can't Perform This Amazing Video-Game Ronaldo Move in EA Sports' FIFA 18 Launch Campaign Video Sep 29, 2017
Guinness: The Horses of Compton Video Sep 18, 2017
Guinness: The People of Compton Video Sep 18, 2017
Guinness: The Two Sides of Compton Video Sep 18, 2017
Compton Cowboys Tread a Peaceful, Poetic Path in Guinness' Uplifting Films Video Sep 18, 2017
Lucozade Pays Tribute to Boxer Anthony Joshua Ahead of His Big Fight Video Apr 19, 2017
Stirring Ad for Jordan Brand's 30th Anniversary Highlights the Moment Winning Happens Video Oct 09, 2015
Watch Possibly the Coolest Skateboard Film Ever as Lexus Unveils 'Hoverboard' Video Aug 04, 2015
Parents Say Farewell to Their Son and a Whole Lot More in Funny Hertz Ad Video Apr 20, 2015
Watch Volvo Punk a Parking Valet on His First Day on the Job Video Sep 24, 2014
Breathtaking Surf Film Promotes Unlikely Sponsorship Video Jul 23, 2014
Meet the Cutest (Future) Paralympian Ever in Samsung's New Ad Video Mar 07, 2014
Newborn Gets Straight On The iPad In Outrageous Ad For Indian 3G Network Video Mar 06, 2014
Samsung Kicks off Paralympics Sponsorship With Moving Manifesto Video Feb 20, 2014
Jaguar Celebrates British Villains In Super Bowl Teaser Video Jan 14, 2014
Volvo's Latest Real-Life 'Test' Pits Truck Against Raging Bulls Video Oct 10, 2013
Barclays: You Vs. Unconditional Love Video Jan 14, 2013
EA Sports FIFA 12: Love Football. Play Football. Video Aug 30, 2011
Wall's: Granny Glider Video Jul 27, 2010
Jordan Brand: Nightmares Never Sleep Video Feb 05, 2010

Line Producer

Title Medium Date
HSBC: Old Age Video Dec 08, 2005
HSBC: Beauty Pageant Video Dec 08, 2005

Managing Director

Title Medium Date
An Elegant Mrs. Claus Is the Badass Star of Marks & Spencer's Heartwarming Holiday Ad Video Nov 14, 2016


Title Medium Date
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video May 05, 2017
Paramount Holds a 'Slo-Mo Marathon' in Honor of the 'Baywatch' Movie Video May 03, 2017
Guinness: World Video Nov 04, 2009
Royal Mail: Grow Video Oct 03, 2008
Coca-Cola: Shuang City Video Aug 06, 2008 Get More Video Jul 25, 2007 Monkey Video Jul 25, 2007 Algorithm Video Jul 25, 2007 Dog Video Jul 25, 2007
ADT: Howler Monkeys Video May 22, 2007
Orange (UK): Hide and Seek Video Nov 01, 2006
Bavaria Beer: Ode to Testosterone Video Mar 30, 2006
Skittles (UK): Cherubs Video Oct 21, 2004
Skittles (UK): Survival Video Oct 21, 2004
Skittles (UK): Song of Praise Video Oct 21, 2004

U.K. Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Refugee Athlete Yusra Mardini Joins Under Armour's Bench Video Oct 20, 2017